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Introducing The Grind Radio


Great news music fans! The Grind Radio launched today and now provides you with a brand new musical companion to take your side. You will be able to expose your eardrums to a much sought after range of music from classic and contemporary rock ‘n roll (and by that they don’t mean KISS and Evanescence – they mean Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix and Queens of the Stone Age) to good old heavy metal (only the good stuff), all things Indie and the best alternative tunes known to man. Also note that a few other genres of music may sneak their way into one of their playlists or shows every now and again, but it will only be the best of the best.

There is a big gap for music fans that do not want to hear the music that gets played on commercial radio stations. Many of you reading this don’t want to hear the music that gets prescribed by record labels or advertisers. The Grind Radio aims to break these barriers by playing the type of music that you want to hear.

The Grind Radio is proudly South African and takes SA music to the deepest places in their hearts. They aim to promote and assist in growing the SA music industry with all of their might.  South African musicians of all styles are encouraged to submit or inform them of their produce if they are interested in having their music promoted.

You can catch The Grind Radio at thegrindradio.co.za. ‘The Morning Grind’ show is hosted by Jarryd Wood (the owner and creator of this exciting new venture). The station will run on weekdays from 9 AM to 9 PM and will include shows hosted by Ruan “Stix” Fourie (AKA@gevaaalikdotcom) and Jade Wood (AKA @missjadesoul). For more information on the shows, please visit the Grind Radio website. If you have any queries about them, contact Jarryd Wood, follow @grindradio on Twitter or check out The Grind Radio Facebook page.

This is awesome news for fans of good music. Make sure that you tune in to The Grind Radio when you get a chance. It sounds like it might just be what SA Music fans have been waiting for.

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