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iPhone tracker app – my trusted parental aide!


It’s safe to say that StealthGenie iPhone tracker has been of tremendous help in the upbringing of my three children. It has helped me through thick and thin and it has come in handy at the most unusual of times as well. It has given me a sense of security and I would like to tell you how I have incorporated it in my life for the better.

Mobile monitoring:

These days you must not let your kids be on their own. Since there are all kinds of evil temptations and they can easily fall for them, that’s why I use StealthGenie to monitor their mobiles. I use it to mainly check the following once a day at least:

  • SMS
  • Calls
  • Phone browser history
  • Gallery files
  • WhatsApp, iMessage and Viber chats
  • Apps installed on their iPhone

Mobile tracking:

This is a handy feature of StealthGenie and it has helped in grave times too well! I keep a check on my kids and their current locations through Geo-tracking feature and check all the places they visited at the day end. I have also added the forbidden places on my account using Geo-fencing feature and each time they step in those places, I get an alert.

Also, if checking a location doesn’t explain why they my kids are there, I simply record and listen to their phone surroundings to know what they’re talking and to whom. All that is done remotely, without alerting my kids!

Remote control:

I can also remotely:

  • Lock target phone.
  • Backup and delete sensitive data.
  • Check for SIM changes.
  • Get alerts on usage of inappropriate words and contacts through triggers and alert feature.

Several times during my office timings, I have made it my routine to check on my kids to know all is well. It helps me to minimize parental stress as I am way better prepared to handle issues than parents who don’t monitor their kids. After all, you can’t leave your kids’ security on the stake, can you?

The best option:

You won’t find any better app to assist you in your parenting techniques other than this iPhone tracker StealthGenie. So grab this opportunity with both hands and subscribe for a StealthGenie account before the prices rise.


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