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Jack Parow releases “Tussen Stasies” Music Video


Jack Parow has released a music video for his song featuring Die Heuwels Fantasties, Tussen Stasies.

Parow first gained fame for his contribution in Die Heuwels Fantasties song Die Vraagstuk in late 2009. That song was definately one of my favorite Afrikaans songs of last year.

Jack Parow released his self-titled debut album in April / May 2010. His fame has skyrocketed since the album’s release. Personally I consider this album to be one of the defining albums of the year. Every 2nd car at the sold out Oppikoppi 2010 Sexy. Crooked. Teeth festival was pumping this album on their car stereos in the camping area.

Songs like I Miss and Dans Dans Dans (a collaboration with Francois Van Coke of Fokofpolisiekar fame) have become widely popular in some clubs and pubs and have gained extensive airplay on a few South African radio stations.

I’m sure people will be talking about this CD for years to come. With this album Jack Parow has proven that he’s more than just a guy performing the song Cooler As Ekke. Songs like Tussen Stasies (another collaboration with Die Heuwels Fantasties) is proof of that. The South African music channel MK released the video for the song tonight on MK MVP. The music video was directed by Thomas Ferreira and produced by Ten10 films.

This is the music video for Tussen Stasies:

I think this video is absolutely awesome. It’s definately on my list of top South African music videos for 2010. Tussen Stasies is definately my favorite Afrikaans song of 2010 as well. It’s absolutely brilliant and I will never get tired of it (without a doubt).

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  1. WOW! That has to be one of THE best local songs I have heard in a very long time. The Vid is killer and the lyrics caught me where it matters! Two thumbs up for sharing!!

  2. I remain convinced that Jack has gone beyond music to produce something so bold and meaningful that it cant be called lyrics, anymore, its simply poetry put to music. Dude you leave eveyone else in the dust. Justin, Rome, Italy.


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