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What’s happening at JARR Bar in November 2019?


Wondering what’s happening at JARR Bar in November 2019? Don’t stress my rock ‘n roll brothers and sisters, I’ve got you covered.

There were some pretty rad shows at JARR Bar in October 2019 and if you didn’t pull in, you definitely missed out. Highlights for October include the Dingwall Bass Tour (featuring Chris Van Der Walt and Filipe The Bass Invader), Neil Nachtrein, Die Horries, Valiant Swart, Basson Laubscher and Latex Grenade (USA).

Filipe The Bass Invader at JARR Bar
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Don’t feel too bad if you missed some of the awesomeness, there’s plenty more coming your way this month…

Here’s what’s going down at JARR Bar in November 2019:

  • 5 November: JARR Sessions
  • 6 November: Quiz Night
  • 8 November: Gunshot Blue
  • 9 November: Barcode Bandits & 3’s and 7’s
  • 10 November: Kobus De Kock Jr.
  • 12 November: JARR Sessions
  • 13 November: Quiz Night
  • 14 November: Shared Address
  • 16 November: Ruiter Piet & Die Partytjie
  • 17 November: Tim Parr
  • 19 November: JARR Sessions
  • 20 November: Quiz Night
  • 21 November: Theron & Canfield
  • 23 November: SA/DC Tribute Band
  • 24 November: Jan Blohm
  • 26 November: JARR Sessions
  • 27 November: Quiz Night
  • 28 November: Die ek Launch
  • 29 November: Miss Heidi & The Bar Room Bandits
  • 30 November: Die Wasgoedlyn

I’m totally looking forward to some of the performances at JARR Bar in November 2019! I’m going to try not to miss Jan Blohm, Tim Parr and Die Wasgoedlyn.

In case you forgot:

Tickets for shows can be booked via Quicket. JARR Bar & Restaurant is located at Weavind Boulevard Shopping Centre, 102 Ripley Street, Weavind Park, Pretoria.

Watch this space for updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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