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Jengo: Taking adventure gaming back to it’s roots


The adventure genre has made a comeback in recent years , but rarely do you find a game that transports you back to your childhood. Back to those Saturdays where you spent countless hours in your room clicking away at pixelated sprites , solving puzzles and discovering incredible characters. Jengo is exactly that type of game.

Developed by Robot Wizard (A new South African game studio founded by Louis Du Pisani & Graeme Selvan) , Jengo is a traditional point and click adventure. Filled with stunning environments, beautifully animated characters and a story that will intrigue the most casual gamer.

I was fortunate enough to do an interview with Louis Du Pisani about this stunning new project. Due to logistical issues, I could not attend the filming of the interview but Coby Pike was nice enough to stand in for me – PS. Coby is my new favorite Ray Watson.

I am super hyped for this game and simply cannot wait to play it.

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