Review: Joburg Day 2012

94.7 Highveld stereo and Santam started spring off with a bang thanks to some awesome music, that definitely got some animals out of hiding after the winter.

Riversands farm saw a huge turnout of at least 22 000 people in attendance to see performances by the likes of  Prime Circle, Lloyd Cele, ChianoSky, GoodLuck, Kongos, GoldFish, Crazy White Boy, Pascal & Pearce, Mi Casa, Locnville, Toya Delazy, Graeme Watkins Project, Tailor and even a performance by David Hasselhoff.

I got a gap to have a chat with Ross from Prime Circle after their show… Here’s what went down:

Describe Joburg Day 2012 in a sentence.

Biggest, bestest, baddest

How was show?

It was like playing to miniature city. It was freaking excellent. The Crowd kills me every time. it was beautiful. They were an amazing audience. It’s also the first time I will collaborate as well, so this will be quite interesting.

Your first collaboration?

Yeah, I’ll be singing with Goldfish a little later.

Have you played Joburg day before?

This is out seventh time and I think we just broke the record for the times a band has ever played here.

What’s your outlook in the localised industry lately?

Promising. So much talent. It’s just very difficult because of labels and artists might get caught in signing bad deals. The internet is the way forward

Can we expect new songs and a CD soon?

A new CD coming out in next 2 months

Anything exciting happening for band now or in the near future?

We going to be pushing internationally a bit more. We have some tours coming up in Germany and hopefully across more of Europe this time. And we also have a lot of Interesting  videos coming up as well with a very cool theme to this(the new) album

What other acts did you enjoy or still looking forward to?

I must say, I am a massive Toya Delazy fan. Obviously goldfish as well. They’ve done so well overseas. And the Kongos, playing at the moment.

What’s the first thing you plan on doing when you get home?

Play Darksiders on PS3

What’s your most interesting or embarrassing experience while performing?

Our bass player split his pants once… *Laughs* Not shit his pants.

Which member would make the best girl?

I probably would. I can be a prima donna sometimes and I have great tits.

Have you ever been naked in public? If yes, why?

I haven’t been caught, but I have been naked in public.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?

*Pauses* Ask her

Over all it was an epic day and I’m sure it was worth waiting in line to get in, the dust, the heat on the day and network’s being jammed because of all the people. I believe Prime Circle, the Kongos and Goldfish stole the show with their exceptional performances and vibe they brought to the day.

Now we wait for the next Joburg day. Until then, check out some of the pics of the day to see what you missed or were a part of…

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