Julius Malema Attends Anger Management (Funny Clip)

Julius Malema is currently anger management classes and Tuks FM added their 2 cents about it this morning (and it’s hilarious).

I listened to the Bang Bang Breakfast on Tuks FM (a Pretoria based student radio station and the only Rock radio station in South Africa) this morning. The show is hosted by Rob Forbes (who also hosts the Tuks FM Top 30 on Saturday mornings).

Julius Malema Attends Anger Management (Funny Clip) 1

He informed listeners that he had an audio clip of Julius Malema (the ANC Youth League Leader) attending his first Anger Management session and then he played the clip on air just after 8 AM. This is definately one of the funniest things I’ve heard in 2010. Earlier in the year Tuks FM played a clip of Julius Malema singing ‘Corruption in the RSA’ on the beat of a Miley Cirus song (which was also very funny).

This is the anger management clip that was played on this morning’s show on Tuks FM:

So, you ‘Bloody Agents’, please feel free to comment on this post if you have any views.

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