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Justin Bieber Gets Nailed With a Water Bottle


Justin Bieber might be the biggest YouTube star in history with more than 250 million video views for his Baby Baby music video, but that doesn’t mean that everyone likes him. A local Tuks FM DJ pointed out a few weeks ago that more than 19 years in total viewing time was wasted on his video on YouTube.

This 16 year old will hopefully move out of the public eye once his voice breaks in a few years from now. In a recent internet poll Justin Bieber asked his fans where he should go on tour and the majority of the participants agreed that the communist nation of North Korea would be perfect for his next tour. I don’t know if Dear Leader would allow a pipsqueak like Bieber into his country. It turned out that most people voting in the poll were not his fans though. Besides this he’s also been the target of a range of Internet jokes (including a few motivationals reminding people that “She has feelings too”). Anyone who likes his music should have their head examined. There’s absolutely no art or talent involved in making his music (in my opinion). Any idiot can grab a mike an lip synch or sing like a girl with some backtracks.

This video was posted on YouTube and features Justin Bieber getting hit by a water bottle on stage. Nearly 1 million common-sensed souls have viewed this video already

Parents, teach your kids to have a better taste in music, honestly. There’s a lot of cooler pop music out there. Even better, introduce your kids to proper pop music from the 1980s. That will put them on the right track. Then again, they might turn out just like you. Check out the other posts in the Humor category of Running Wolf’s Rant. This section is updated regularly. The Music, Movies, Technology and Opinion categories are updated regularly as well and the Babes and Photography categories are updated daily.


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