Justin Bieber thinks he’s Kurt Cobain

The little pipsqueak is at it again. It seems that more than person should throw Justin Bieber with a water bottle. Besides being behind the irritating Baby Baby song (the most watched Youtube video of all time with more than 250 million views) he’s been talking about things he doesn’t have a clue about.

Justin Bieber thinks he's Kurt Cobain 1

He was born in 1994 and never really exposed to Nirvana so what the hell does he know about Kurt Cobain? How can someone who is not even a rock musician make claims like that? Is he trying to tell us that he wants to off himself? He probably doesn’t own any Nirvana CDs. I’ll bet anyone that Frances Bean Cobain / Courtney Love / hardcore Nirvana fans will beat the crap out of Justin Bieber for saying this. He is not and will never be anything like Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain had an impact on a generation. Bieber’s music will not have an impact at all. He should enjoy singing with his high pitched voice because it’s going to break sometime soon and then he won’t have any teeny boppers hopping after him anymore. 10 years from now people will be embarrassed when admitting that they liked his music. Nirvana still gets played on radio stations around the world every day.

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  1. John

    Fuck you Justin Bieber. You’re such a bitch. So fuck your dad’s penis

  2. BieberGAY

    Justin Bieber is an asshole. I hope he dies soon with a homo disease. If i were alone with him, i’d give to this little insect a very slow death and lot of pain for being a stupid rich teen.
    Fuck him and all his shitty fans!

  3. jusin b sucks

    who the hell does he/she thinks he is. he is just a
    boy that thinks he can compare himself to a music god. FUCK YOU JUSTIN GAY BIEBER

  4. i hatejustin bieber

    i think it is stupid to compare yourself to a artist of music that you dont even make.so FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. little dumb bitchy assfuck. shut the fuck up dont ever show your face again. your songs wont be played over 10 maybe more years. FUCK YOU LITTLE MOTHERFUCKING GAY WITH YOUR GIRLY BITCH FACE. i hope your mother hits you for this

  5. bijhan

    Hehehehe. What a motherfucker. Hey guys let him think so. Hey kiddo go play with your toys asshole.

  6. J

    Wow honestly Justin Bieber Fuck You!! I hate everything about you and now you want to compare yourself to one of the greatest Rock legends on earth! Go die! I was born in the same generation as you and I am extremely ashamed not just because the music sucks but for people like you who make that music then act like there the best thing that ever happend enjoy 12 year old girls screaming your name while you can it won’t last for long. And for future reference don’t go learn how to play the gutair and compare yourself to jimi Hendrix or something cause you will just get shit on again 🙂

  7. Chazy-chaz

    I honestly haven’t ever been so seething with rage.

  8. Lisa

    Um hate ta tell ya people but he already HAS made more of an impact than Cobain just because of the internet .Kurt was around like 10 yrs before I even HEARD of him. Heard the songs , didnt know of HIM. His baby video has over 4 million hits.Did kurts ? No. Did kurt have blogs about him all over the internet ? no. Little teenage boys are just annoyed because girls are comparing THEM to biebers looks .Little girls didnt even know who kurt WAS.Did kurt have 4 million people who knew who he was at the beginning of his career ? No.

    I personally cant stand him either and dont think he deserves his money at ALL . His voice is CRAP .He couldn’t lick Charlotte Church’s feet .Even the hate helps him , its PUBLICITY . And this kid is YOUNG , he’s going to be around a LONG time so get used to it.

  9. heyhey

    Fair Enough, Bieber is a dickhead and is stupid. But I’m the same age as him and I love Nirvana and I’ve heard of them too and I was brought up with their music, so no need to bring age into it

  10. Murat

    “I felt like Justin Bieber of my generation, thats why I killed myself”
    -Kurt Cobain’s ghost

  11. Marilyn

    if you saying justin bieber is a girl dont say the ok because you do not have proof for saying hi is gay

  12. JungleMack

    Wow……so much hate towards this little boy? You know that if Kurt was still alive he would probably just have moved on from this statement. Kurt was a big man and had no competition with other artists becuase he was involved in his music not the hating of others. BIG Kurt Cobain fan!!! But to hate a young boy in the clutches of an all consuming music industry? Come on guys grow up!!! Music is bigger than any specific artist and legends are made daily. In the case of Justin Bieber well i think its safe to say he has allready become a legend, maybe not a legend that I like or even you like, but certainly a legend. And i have to agree with Lisa he is going to be around for a very long time to come and may just get an even bigger fan base than he has now. The boy has broken so many records in the industry that its scary……anyone with takent pretty much in my opinion deserves all they get from it!

  13. umam

    i agree,,i feel to…

  14. Zed

    If that talentless lip syncer ever musters up the talent to write his first song (he blato don’t write his music) and it turns out anything like like this then ill respect him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PHb0PirPdI

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