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King Price Insurance releases brilliant Braai advert


King Price Insurance has done it again! The South African insurance company has released a brilliant braai advert. The advert involves a driver and two traffic officers and it’s hilarious.

It’s a fact that there are South Africans out there who bribe traffic officers to keep themselves out of jail. The advert pokes fun at it. In the advert a driver is pulled over for driving faster than the speed limit and manages to braai his way out of a fine. Check it out below:

The funniest part of the braai advert for me is when the guy asks the traffic officers “How many braais do you take a month?”. Bribing traffic officers with your hard-earned cash is wrong and not a great experience. I wish it’s something I that can be eliminated in South African society. Life would be so much easier if we could braai our way out of roadblocks.

The tagline for the braai advert is “When others don’t make sense, we do” and it’s quite fitting. King Price Insurance likes going the extra mile when it comes to customer service.

In case you did not know, King Price Insurance has been around since 2012. The company has released some pretty cool adverts over the last few years. Earlier in 2018 the company released a hilarious lobola TV advert and an advert featuring a farmer doing something sexy to a tractor.

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It’s great that we can still find time to laugh in a country where estimates show that the petrol price is going up with a whopping R1.12 next month. Let’s hope that King Price Insurance brings us tons of funny adverts in the future. And let’s hope that the petrol price goes down to below R10 one day.

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