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Kit Kat ‘Cross Your Fingers’ FIFA World Cup Advert


This English chocolate bar was first made by Rowntree in the UK and is now made by Nestlé (who bought out Rowntree in 1988). The Kit Kar chocolate bar was introduced in 1935. Kit Kat is also available in the United States but is made by the Hershey Company.

Each Kit Kar bar consists of fingers composed of 3 layers of crème-filled wafer, covered in an outer layer of chocolate. The Kit Kat chocolate bar has been around ever since I can remember in South Africa. It’s not one of my favorite refreshments but I won’t say no if someone offers one to me (I’m a sucker for a chocolate bar). This UK TV advert has been introduced for Kit Kat in anticipation for the the 2010 FIFA World Cup (which kicks off today in South Africa at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg). It’s definately one of the best adverts of the year and worthy of being featured on Running Wolf’s Rant in the Television category.


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