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Klipdrift ‘Met Eish Ja’ Advert: Still legit in my books


Klipdrift is the market leader in brandy in South Africa and has over time become almost synonymous with the brandy category in the minds of consumers.

The first Klipdrift Export brandy was blended, bottled and sold from the farm, Klipdrift, near Robertson in the Western Cape in January 1938. It was distilled by JP Marais.

Klipdrift Brandy
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Marais was well-known for his generosity and he shared it with his friends and neighbours. They couldn’t stop talking about its smooth, full-bodied taste. The first drop was distilled at exactly 8:02pm on that day in 1938. That’s why all the clocks on the bottles are set to this time.

More info about Klipdrift Brandy

Klipdrift Premium brandy was first distilled in 1945. In 2003, Klipdrift Gold and Klippies & Cola was introduced. Klipdrift Black Gold was introduced in 2013. This is a blend of superior pot stilled brandies of up to 21 years of age infused with indulgent flavours.

A few years ago there was a top-notch advert to promote the brandy on South African television. It featured a very helpful chap called Frikkie.

I have to admit that this is one of those South African adverts that I will never ever forget. I’m wondering if Klipdrift will ever make an advert that is this funny and good again.

This advert was shown a lot on SuperSport 1. I remember seeing it a lot while this DSTV channel was broadcasting rugby matches.

Yes folks, I used to watch a lot of rugby back in the day. The advert rubbed off on me – I used to say “Met Eish Ja!” a lot. (And I wasn’t the only one doing it).

Do you remember this advert? What are your thoughts about it? Leave a comment below and let me know. Feedback is welcome here.

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