5 Useful Laundry Tips for Leather Apparel

Looking for laundry tips for leather apparel? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. It’s a fact that leather is way too timeless. No one is even close because leather has been one of the forefronts in the fashion industry, especially in the early 1900s. Quick fact, do you know that people started wearing this as early as the 16th century? Yeah, it may have been far more different from now, but the main point here is its rich history.

We all love it! From its natural smell to its durability, it never fails to amuse us with its classic vibe. But do you know that it must be taken care of in a unique manner compared to other clothing? If not, then read on because this article is perfect for you!

Leather Apparel

Here are 5 Useful Laundry Tips for Leather Apparel

1. Always Follow Clothing Label

Garment labels in leather apparel are no different from other clothing. However, clothing companies sometimes intentionally do not put a care labels in leather clothing. Yes, you heard it right. That is because this type of clothing and suedes have many different options for cleaning. Here are general guidelines for treating your leather jackets, skirts, pants, and shorts:

The Washables

Before washing, always look for its garment label. If it is indicated that it is washable, then do not get complacent yet. Always test it out first. Also, even for non-leather clothing with leather trim such as patches, collar, belts, sleeves, binding, and zip pulls. To test if it is okay to wash leather items, all you need to do is wash a portion of it, just a little one, and look for discoloration, crumpling, spots, or any changes once that portion is dried.

The Not Washables

If a garment label of the item indicates “dry clean only,” you must go to a dry cleaning expert. If the item is labelled as “do not wash” or “not washable,” do not wash or treat it with any leather products. Just trust the label, and you’ll be fine. In the case of care labels, it is always that if you insist on doing the “do not”, the worst possible damage that can be inflicted will most likely happen to your delicate leather.

2. Purchase The Right Detergent

This might sound new to you, but it is available in the market for a while now. Leather detergents are strong and concentrated cleaners formulated to prolongs their lifespan, maintain shine and quality, remove dirt, and accentuate the natural leather smell.

Moreover, it prevents the material from drying stiff every after its laundering. It is 100% safe. Thus, leather detergent is one of the most purchased laundry items in the market because of its performance. When purchasing a detergent, always look for this in the official catalog or its label:

1. Leather gentle: Some items can be put into a washing machine under a certain condition. And to add a new dimension of safety assurances, your detergent must be extra gentle. Also, it must help to restore the satisfying supple feel of suede, natural fleece, smooth leather and natural shine.

2. Great washing machine partner: For convenience purposes, a detergent must allow you to wash leather items and other clothes with leather trims in the washing machine. If you own an HE washing machine, then always look for HE leather detergent. They come hand in hand.

3. User-friendly: Look for detergents where the instruction labels are brief and straightforward.

4. Versatile Leather Therapy: Additional feature that is not that essential but helpful if you own many products aside from clothing. A type of leather detergent can also treat products such as bags, belts, footwear, car accessories, and pieces of furniture.

3. Hanging Helps

It is common knowledge that you don’t need to wash a leather item such as a jacket, vest, and pants. But there is little to zero information on how to take care of items every after wearing. It may surprise you, but all you need to do is simply hang them. Yes, you read it right. As surprising as it may sound, hanging these items helps to curb material stress. It prevents crumpling making the integrity of the whole leather balanced.

Crumpling is a huge issue because a simple crumple can cause deformation of the normal structure of the material. That’s the first point. Next, hanging clothes prevents dust accumulation on your items which can be real trouble if not avoided. Also, a quick fact, for some reasons that we are not going to discuss, leather attracts specks of dust.

4. Inquire Laundry Experts

If you are skeptical about your garment labels, then do not worry. It is alright to double-check care procedures by asking help from a laundry expert. Laundry experts are professionals who specialized in various laundry services. They are seasoned and experienced enough to provide the right choices of laundering various types of clothing items. Instead of surfing the internet (which can be wrong sometimes) for the leather care procedures, why not seek assistance from professional ones.

5. Treat Leather Stains Properly

It is normal for leather wearers to be wary about their items, especially from stains. Here are some stains commonly encountered and their corresponding stain removal process:

2. Water stains: Never put them in the dryer. But instead, hang it somewhere with natural airflow or simply bask it in the sunlight.

2. Ink stains: Just soak the affected area with isopropyl alcohol, gently rub the ink away using the damped white cloth.

Suede is sophisticated for the oldies and swag millennials. It has been a part of everyone’s passion for at least a century. Leather is and will always be more than just a piece of apparel. It has been a companion of mankind way before it is commercialized. That’s why it is essential to know and master the proper laundering process of these items. And know that you are a certified expert, time for you to keep your leather items clean and well-maintained.

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