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Legendary Nelson Mandela Quote


For South African president Nelson Mandela passed away last night. He was 95 years old. Madiba was an inspiration to millions of people in South Africa and all around the world. I have to admit that I didn’t think much of him when he became president in 1994, but over the years I’ve started to admire him more and more for the person that he was and what he stood for.  He was a true legend. South Africans should be proud that their country produced such a humble and inspiring human being.

Some South Africans may argue that he resorted to violence in the 1950’s and 1960’s and that he’s a “terrorist”, but they should think about it this way. Mandela was merely trying to get freedom for the majority of the people in South Africa. Apartheid was an unpopular and unjust regime that needed to be to changed. If you were discriminated against and your human rights were violated, you would probably also resort to violence to get the yoke of oppression off your shoulders and you would probably also get locked up for 27 years. And if you finally get out of jail, you’d probably have the urge to take revenge on those who discriminated against you.

But what separates Mandela from other human beings is the fact that he did not take revenge on his enemies, even though he was jailed for 27 years by them. Instead he decided to take the peaceful path and worked with them to build South Africa as the Rainbow Nation that we know today. Not many people in the world can do that, most of them will resort to violence, therefor you have to admire him for what he did.

I’ve decided to feature a legendary Nelson Mandela Quote today to honor his memory, check it out below. Rest in Peace, Tata Madiba.

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