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“Selfies” & Now “Dronies”: A New Dilemma


We often see people posing in front of cell phone front camera these days. It is the trend which has grown over the years and the mobile phone users are addicted to it no time ever before. People take selfies when they partying, at funerals, school, hanging out with friends in different places and some people don’t care about their lives and take high risks to get adventures selfies on hundred floor building.  Selfies lover every time want to capture photos that are fascinating, dangerous and which amaze the viewers and force them to make compliments.

In Russia, there was an official campaign against the selfie trend after dozens of deaths of people while taking a selfie at dangerous places has reported in the country. The most famous newspaper Guardian has reported that people lose their lives at railway stations while taking selfies by using the smartphones.

We have to address the issue and need to realize that what are the factors behind people are becoming addicted to taking selfies and don’t bother to risk their lives, young teenagers are frequent selfie takers. Let’s take a look at the subject matter.

Experts have their view

There are a number of factors that trigger a cell phone user to take the selfie. The modern smartphone devices make selfie culture so much popular having highly advanced and well featured front cameras. Therefore, young teenagers make selfies and show to their friends, family and loved ones online. They shared their captured selfies on plenty of different social media platforms and on instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Line, Tinder, Vine, Viber, Whatsapp, Yahoo and plenty of others alike.

Patricia Wallace in her book “The Psychology of the internet” stated that People in the modern world don’t have time to interact with the people, so they get an advantage of social media. “Therefore, the modern trend of selfies is the attractive way to interact with the people all across the globe and selfie is the best way to present to the people online”, she added. “Modern technology is the best tool interact socially with the people of the world with the help of cell phone and capturing photos and spread it on instant messaging apps”, she further added that.

Society is addicted to Net Visual Culture:

People of the world are continuously adopting net visual culture in their lives. People from all ages such as tweens, teens and adults take selfies and images of event and spread on the online media tools, Professor of media studies at Ontario University said that. “We see photos and selfies on social media and then reluctant to know about them, he added.

Why taking a selfie is vulnerable

Actually taking the selfie is not dangerous at all, but on another hand when people try to portray themselves differently by taking risky photos and images using cell phones, then it becomes vulnerable. Everyone wants to get people’s attention and get appreciation from the viewers. Therefore, having the competition to get more views and likes, people tend towards risky ways and take selfies at dangerous places. Having said that, taking selfies on hundred floor building or at a dangerous place where a person may lose their lives than it becomes vulnerable and dangerous for selfies lovers.

Accidents and Deaths caused by Selfies

India has the most number of deaths due to “Selfies”, which is 19, and it is 40% of the total worldwide. The major causes of the deaths are drowning. On another hand’s the United States and Russia trails with 7 and 5 respectively.  The Government of Russia even has started a campaign against the “Selfie” culture in July 2015 and strictly warned citizens of the dangers of a modern crazy trend.

According to the Washington post, India is at top, where almost 54 people have died while taking selfies ad dangerous places. There is no official data yet has received that how many people have lose their lives over the years by taking selfies in India.

“Dronies” a new trend or dilemma

Selfie culture has introduced a modern technology in the shape of drones that enable a user to take selfies and photos from the height. The cell phones can be connected to the drone’s camera and user can remotely capture photos from unbelievable heights. It may reduce the risk factor or risk lives, but it may affect the privacy of the people in near future.

What should we do?

The modern cell phone devices are full of features that enable a user to do magic; a user can use instant messaging apps, do text messages and can take selfies with the help of back and front camera. The modern cell phones are fascinating because a user can take selfies and then can share it on instantly on social media within no time. However, a selfie is a more dangerous activity of the modern world, young kids and teens risk their lives by taking pictures and images on very risky and dangerous places. Parents should keep an eye on their kids and teens activities either they are taking simple photos for their social media profiles or they are adventures in nature. They can protect kids and teens from all these crazy killing trends. They just need to use the cell phone spy software in order to track the activities which they perform on their smartphones all day long. Parents just need to physical access on kids and teens device once. Then they can get their hands on all the crazy and harmful things they do by using the cell phone.

Parents can view multimedia files by using the cell phone monitoring app, it enables user to view all the videos and photos they have stored on their device. The user can view the nature of the photos and can address either they are just photos or video or selfies captured at risky places. The user can also track the social media accounts by using the IM’s social media of the mobile phone spy app. It enables user to view all the media sharing activities such as shared photos and videos. The user can also track the exact location of kids and teens by using the GPS location tracker.


Selfie is the latest trend, but it has become vulnerable for kids and teens to risk their lives for no reason or for worthless attention seeking behavior. Parents should protect young kids and teens with the help smartphone tracking app.

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