Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election

The time will tell who will be the front-runner for the president post in 2019 South African General Elections, but merits must be evaluated high over popularity.

Looking into the present situation of South Africa, the nation is in the biggest political turmoil till date. The blame game is an all-time high and vitriolic comments have been made from both the sides. However, the position of ANC (African National Congress) is still looking very strong for the 2019 presidential elections, but some charges of corruption and internal factions within the party made the road tougher for the easy victory.

Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election 1

Still, the burning issues like RET (Radical Economic Transformation) and BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) had resorted the public faith in ANC and by defying the odds in SA politics; Zuma has also won the no-confidence motion against him in August. But still, there is a tough ride for Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to turn the wave in favor of ANC. Things are getting more difficult for her, as other candidates put their weight behind the presidential post and will leave no stone unturned to win it.

Presenting you the list of most likely candidates for South African Presidential Election 2019: Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa, Baleka Mbete, Mmusi Mainmane, Gwede Mantashe. Take a look at their profiles and associations below:

Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma – Her charismatic persona, firm conviction, and determination to bring transformation through pro-black reforms have put her ahead of any other presidential candidate. Here campaign has been revolving on a single point agenda to implement RET throughout the structure of policymaking.

Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election 2

Yes, as a politician she has made many promises, but her claims are not hallowed, as she gives practical reasons for every promise, and made skill development, women and youth empowerment the main premise of the inclusion of the natives in the mainstream economy. But it is not only about the conviction in her speeches, and certainly being more than ex-wife of Zuma; her administrative experience will also help ANC to unite the party and to garner support from a large women voter base.

Cyril Ramaphosa – He is an incumbent deputy president of South Africa since its appointment in December 2012 at the ANC national conference in Mangaung. Apart from it, he is the incumbent chairman of the planning commission and the most likely presidential candidate after Dlamini Zuma. Many lobbies and personalities have put down their weight behind him, like the white lobby and likes of Johann Rupert, as he is notorious for his role in creating factions in the ANC against Jacob Zuma, but critics say he does not deserve even for the post of ANC president.

Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election 3

Apart from it, he has been involved in many controversies. Like his role in Marikana Massacre, in which many mine workers had gunned down, just because they demanded their fair wages. But his waning popularity has hit the most when he exposed as the biggest sugar daddy for his affairs with 8 different women. But still, he is relying on his chances for becoming next president, which is the big disgrace.

Mmusi Aloysias Maimane – He is the leader of the opposition of a political party Democratic alliance since 10 May 2015. His journey from the former leader of the DA in the Johannesburg city council and the former DA National spokesperson to the head of the party is somewhere inspiring. Currently, DA which he is heading is controlling North West Province under the leadership of Helen Zille.

Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election 4

Undoubtedly, he rose to the higher ranks very fast, but his credentials as upcoming President are not good. As DA is controlling only one province, which has got rotten by many corruption scandals. He also doesn’t have any framework for development to show up in his campaign like Dlamini Zuma, so for this race, he is turning out to be an immature leader.

Baleka Mbete – An incumbent speaker of the national assembly of South Africa, sworn in on 21st may 2014. She was also served as the speaker of the National assembly from 2004 to 2008 and from 2008 to 2009 as a Deputy President. She is also a very controversial figure for the post of Presidency.

Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election 5

The latest one is when she said in a ruling and allows MP’s to vote through secret ballot during no-confidence motion against Jacob Zuma. The decision was certainly in defiance of the wishes of ANC officials and attracted the criticism from many ANC’s loyalists. However, she doesn’t have much public support and ANC blessing, but parties like EFF has been vocal in her support to become the next presidency.

Gwede Mantashe – He is an incumbent Secretary General of the African National Congress and a former chairperson of the South African Communist Party.

Most Likely Candidates for the 2019 South African Presidential Election 6

He doesn’t gauge the limelight like other candidates, but still, as per some closed circles, he can be the frontrunner if Ramaphosa decides not to run for the presidency. He is also recognized as a vocal critic of his own party, so doesn’t hold the high regard inside the party circles.

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