List of South African Bloggers on Twitter


A year ago I posted a list of Noteworthy South African Twitter Users. But I feel that this list was too broad, so I’ve decided to try something different.

Over the last few years I’ve dealt with and became aware of many bloggers in South Africa. The community is growing (in my humble opinion). South Africans are starting new blogs every day. In most cases South African blogs don’t get the exposure they deserve. As a new blogger one might find it hard to become part of the community and to discuss blogging issues or to exchange ideas. Blogging, in it’s nature is a social activity. Having someone to talk to helps immensely when it comes to things like Writer’s Block. Twitter is a great way to make new friends in the blogosphere. I’ve decided to make a list of South African bloggers that are using Twitter, to make things a little easier for new bloggers. At the same time those bloggers in the list get exposure. So, its a win win situation (in my opinion).

This is a list of South African Bloggers that I found / dealt with / met over the last few years on Twitter:

Twitter Handle Blog URL Blog Title Location
@2oceansvibe Two Oceans Vibe Cape Town
@6000 6000 miles from Civilization Cape Town
@adelebasson Woordspel Cape Town
@AlexCaige Alex Caige Pretoria
@Arne86 Chronicles of Secrets & Wine Cape Town
@AureusTech Dreyer Smit’s Blog Pretoria
@BaasDeBeer Baas De Beer’s Blog Pretoria
@bangersandnash Bangers and Nash Cape Town
@BarryTuck Gorilla Creative Media Durban
@BecauseI Because I Can Durban
@BlondieLetLoose Crazy Girl City Life Cape Town
@BobSkinstad Rugby Journey Cape Town
@BraaiBoy Braaiboy Pretoria
@brandslut_ Brandslut Johannesburg
@brettfisha Irresistibly Fish Philadelphia, USA
@capetownmusicsc Cape Town Music Scene Cape Town
@cespin OhEmGee Cape Town
@ChristopherM A Cape Town Blog Cape Town
@claymorar Clayton Morar – SA’s Celeb
Expert and Autograph Hunter
Cape Town
@cybersass Cyber Sass Johannesburg
@DChetty D Chetty Cape Town
@Dezy_D My Chronic Life Johannesburg
@diekloon iGeek Cape Town
@dorothyblack The Dot Spot Cape Town
@FrannieVanDee That’s Rad Johannesburg
@fredfelton Mr Motivator Durban
@GabiGoldberg Musical Mover Cape Town
@GeoffChisnall Log Off Cape Town
@gevaaalikdotcom Pretoria
@Gordslaws Mojo Dojo Johannesburg
@Green_Guerrilla Swimming Upstream Johannesburg
@Hbubblesover Hbubblesover Port Elizabeth
@HeikeMey Pixel Vulture Johannesburg
@idale Mojo Dojo Johannesburg
@jbigmac Captain Awesome Cape Town
@JHBPRINCESS JHB Princess Johannesburg
@JMClassifieds Junk Mail Blog Pretoria
@jobmail Job Mail Blog Pretoria
@jodenecoza Project Me Johannesburg
@krugerl1 Other Side of the Hyphen Pretoria
@lexamantis Lexamantis’s Blog Johannesburg
@laurenprior This Is Not A Blog Johannesburg
@LeeAnneOlfsen Mebelee Johannesburg
@LiamLynchPhoto Liam Lynch Photographer Pretoria
@marnusviljoen Epic Information Worker Pretoria
@matthewarnold Pixel Vulture Johannesburg
@mattyface Life is a Journey Johannesburg
@mikesharman Sharman & Hobbo Johannesburg
@mikestopforth Mike Stopforth Johannesburg
@MobysLab Mobys Lab Johannesburg
@mowadie Mobys Lab Johannesburg
@mubashirtayob Mobys Lab Johannesburg
@MyCityByNight My City By Night Cape Town
@mys_tree I Saw A Show And This Is What I
Cape Town
@natzeno Mahala Cape Town
@nayes1982 The Katalina Playroom Port Elizabeth
@nazeerballim Mobys Lab Johannesburg
@Nicholas_Duncan Nick Duncan Johannesburg
@Nixidodd Site unseen Mtunzini
@NokiaRSA Nokia Ringaz Johannesburg
@noodlesndoodles Happiness Is.. Durban
@onelargeprawn One Large Prawn Cape Town
@pfangirl Pfangirl – Through the looking glass Durban
@phillipgibb Synaptic Light Cape Town
@photocomment Photo Comment Johannesburg
@PixelVulture Pixel Vulture Johannesburg
@pjvanrooyen The Bang Bang Blog! Pretoria
@polarfluke Polarfluke Johannesburg
@rafiq Web Addict(s) Cape Town
@ReviewMe Review Me Stellenbosch
@RobForbesDJ The Bang Bang Blog Pretoria
@SezLeigh Sez Leigh Says… Johannesburg
@Shahil Some of the Strangest Things…. Johannesburg
@SirDyl Pixelvulture Johannesburg
@supercopygurl 925 Rebellion Johannesburg
@super_pete Perfect Pete Ponders Johannesburg
@texxonfire Texx and the City Cape Town
@taniar2 Many Things I Am Cape Town
@thecaz Spacebook Cape Town
@TheTailoredForLife The Tailored For Life Cape Town
@traaidmark Traaidmark Pretoria
@Tracells Tracy Stewart Consulting Johannesburg
@UrbanEnzo Urban Enzo Johannesburg
@francoislct Loookkk Johannesburg
@watkykjy Wat Kyk Jy? Johannesburg

There you have it, plenty of them on the list (and some of you thought that blogging might be dead or dying). This list has been organized alphabetically by Twitter handle. This list of Bloggers proves that blogging is alive and well in South Africa.

This list is incomplete. I would love to expand it. If you are a South African blogger and you are using Twitter, please E-mail Me your Twitter handle, Blog URL, Blog Title and the city that you are located in and after screening it, I’ll add your blog onto the list. If the list gets too long I will most probably create a 2nd post. You can also report dead links on this post via E-mail. I will be tweeting the new additions every time I add them on here. This will most probably be done on a weekly basis. Feel free to share this post with your friends on the Social Networks (on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc). Feel free to comment on this post if you have an opinion about this venture. Feedback is appreciated and welcome. If you’re not following me on Twitter yet, you’re welcome to join my Twittersphere via @hennokruger


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  2. I just stumbled across your blog, and i love the list that you have compiled on South African bloggers. Being a blogger myself, I would have loved to be on the list. I will take a chance and send you my info and I would be honored to make the list


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