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A little bit of everything with nothing in between but yourself


The past couple of weeks I have been depressed (or at least I think so). The word ‘depressed’ is thrown around lightly these days. So I don’t want to use it out of that accord but to show that most of us really have no idea what we feel. I don’t get paid enough, I don’t have a car. I don’t see my family much and I don’t have a girlfriend to share my intimate thoughts with. But I am still actually quite happy. Why then, my state of being in this moment of “time” ?

I spend a lot of time on social media. I see people updating profiles, adding photos, posting memes and so forth and I wonder how many minutes of our life we take away by looking at our phones and PCs while we could have been looking at someone that you love or having a conversation with a friend that could have taught you something? Then again, social media might be the only way we have of looking at the people that we love. So we’ll start there.

Many of my friends have faced the trials and tribulations that “love” brings. I encapsulate the word in quotation marks because most of us have absolutely no idea what love means. I often hear people rebuke the one they’re infatuated with, with the words “But I love” you. It means nothing. Just loving a person will not make them love you back. Your sense of entitlement has no bearing on how anyone should reciprocate anything you say. Where did we get this notion that love is suffering? That hurting for someone is a barometer of the type of person you are? It might be Hollywood, it might be the media in general. It might be the fact that literary vomit such as 50 Shades Of Grey sells millions of books.

It doesn’t matter. Love shouldn’t hurt. Real love doesn’t lead you to substance abuse, physical abuse or psychological abuse. You know how I know this? My mother and father were married for twenty years and I never heard them fight or shout at each other. I saw my father raise his hand to my mother. I never saw things being thrown around in anger. My mother and father would also still have been married if my dad hadn’t died. And now 9 years later my mother still hasn’t married again and she probably never will.

I told her that if she ever wanted to get married again she should and that I wouldn’t ever have any issues with things like that. Her words to me : “What’s the point, son? No one could ever give me what your father gave me and let’s face it, the men out there that are available won’t ever be half the man your father was.” That’s love, you idiots. That woman who makes you drive around to drop her off and pick her up and pay for her drinks and then let’s you have sex with her every now and then, that isn’t love. She is using you. That man who uses your money, mocks you when you get emotional and doesn’t pay you for the work you do for him. He’s using you. He doesn’t love you. But I can only give you the facts. I can’t account for your feelings…

How we feel is not as important as we think it is. Feelings alone don’t constitute facts. Actually, feelings rarely ever have an impact on truth, but somewhere along the modern lines we forgot that not everybody is smart enough to make statements about truths in our universe or comment on subjects which they only have superficial awareness of.

You can feel that the earth is flat, or you can feel that your imaginary sky friend is taking care of you and paving the way for you and loving you and made sacrifices for you to be here on this planet. You can feel that and many other things, but you are still wrong. We exist. That doesn’t entitle us to anything. We are the by-product of billions of years of evolution and rather than worrying about the perceived importance of the little chemical reactions in our head maybe we should take the time to appreciate the fact the we are the only species in the history of this planet that have developed the capacity to observe and learn about not just our planet but the magnificent universe we live in.

The world is flooded with self-help books, inspirational speakers, pseudo-celebrities who preach metaphysical tongue nonsense and variety programs with experts who can help you “work through your feelings” and more. You dumb cunt. If your feelings were so important and everybody’s feelings meant something, we wouldn’t need all this help.If everybody was right, and everybody’s feelings showed them the right way, none of that would be necessary.

Psychologists would shut the doors to their practices and fucks like Tony Robbins and those evangelical retards who call themselves “Bishops” like it means something would lose their Ferrari’s and veneers in a day. Why do we insist on making gods out of nothing when sometimes, the help you need is in front of you. Everybody is an expert on everything. No they aren’t. Everybody thinks they are an expert on everything and they are wrong.

Let’s take for instance, this example. I had people moaning about a joke I made about priests molesting children. Now whether you like it or not, there is undeniable evidence that many priests have molested children throughout the years. There is also undeniable evidence which shows that the Catholic Church has covered up many of these incidents throughout the years to save face.

Now, I posted this joke on Facebook. My personal Facebook. Then I had a girl tell me that I should be sensitive and more tactful to other people on my personal Facebook page. So I told her to fuck right off and delete and block me if she didn’t like what was going on on MY PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE. Was I promoting hate? No. Was I promoting violence? No. Was I promoting false statistics in order to perpetuate hate and racism and bigotry like Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyer and many other white retards do? No. Was I making a joke about a problem regarding ideological, moral and ethical discrepancy? Yes.

So this then infers that people react emotionally. And apparently it is my AND YOUR responsibility to consider these feelings and emotions, even though I don’t know what they are yet. I can do this, or I can’t do that depending on how it’s going to make somebody feel. Remember how we feel is important. Jesus said so, so it has to be true… Bullshit.

Of course, the possible outcome of things exclaimed can be quite accurately determined, but it is still left to the individual to allocate meaning to the locus. This means, in layman’s terms, that stupid people usually take offence whilst more intelligent people infer things like humor and educational purpose on signals like the joke I used as an example. Social media is a wonderful arena in which many examples of these battles can be witnessed. Let’s take for instance, the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I’m not going to explain what it is and why it’s done. The smarter among us know why. However, it is quite clear that people think that posting things like “You waste water while people in Africa don’t have clean drinking water” and you think this somehow qualifies as you taking a stance or helping the cause? It isn’t and you are a fool.

Firstly, there is a distinct difference between the availability of water on this planet and the availability of clean, drinking water. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. There is a massive amount of water in this planet. Also, water doesn’t leave this planet because it resides in a closed system. So there is water. Lots of it. Clean water. No. There isn’t much… Do you know why people in Africa do not have clean drinking water? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not because people are throwing buckets of water out over their heads.

Many years ago, people called missionaries traveled across the world and they taught the indigenous people of the dark lands about the one true god and his son, Jeebus. No, wait. Fuck, who cares? It’s all made up bullshit anyway. The point is, throughout our history these people had water to drink. They had ways of finding and storing water. They were happy with their way of life. You don’t see the Massai moaning about taps and cellphones, now do you? We went into those lands and we convinced other cultures and people that we had the answers.

That our way of life is better. Desmond Tutu had it right when he said : “The white man came to Africa with the Bible and took our hands and told us to pray with them. When we opened our eyes, they had the land, and we had the Bible.” In a world with 7 Billion people, Muslims who kill people with Israeli-made Uzzis and kids who are trained to use AK-47’s at the age of 10 how you feel about a bucket of fucking water does not matter one stinking bit, you ignorant fuck. It’s the same with the conflict in Gaza. Shut up.

If you really cared, and if you really wanted to help and make a difference, you should be there fixing what our ancestors fucked up. Go build damns in Africa. Go lay the water pipes across miles of jungle and desert. Go talk to the Jews. Go talk to the Palestinians and try to help, you lazy bastard. I have more respect for a 14 year old child soldier than I do you. Do you know why? He might be indoctrinated, he might be suffering, but you know what? Unlike you, he is actually fighting for what he believes in. You are just sitting there behind your PC picking out memes you didn’t even make to try and show people that you think you know what you are talking about. You are no hero.

It is clear that the human species has reached a point where it is no longer necessary for us to evolve. Oh, yes, I forgot, people don’t believe in evolution. It is a trick the devil is trying to play on us to turn you away from God. Or the Tooth Fairy. One in the same thing, those two. Unfortunately, they don’t exist, whether you like it or not, but evolution does. It happens every day and it has been happening for millions and millions of years. I am proud to have a common ancestor with apes. I am proud to be a species of ape. I would much rather spend time with apes then most humans. In general apes are smarter, anyway. Natural Selection states that the aspects of a species that are more likely to survive will be inherited by the next generation. Note that I say, the most likely to survive – not the best, but the most likely to survive.

This means that you don’t have to be smart to procreate. What is more effective in propagating a species? Searching, courting, marrying, surviving, mating etc, or just raping someone and moving on? Lions don’t ask permission to mate. They fight for it. Now, I’m not saying that everybody should just go out and rape. If you even think that was implied you should kill yourself, because it is people like you who are detrimental to our genetic data pool. So that means that an animal who is only worried about food and mating will be more likely to survive than the animal trying to make something of its life? Get it? I hope so.

It all brings us back to our apparently inherent sense of entitlement. Unfortunately this is a recent development. “She broke up with me, and now I’m sad because I am better than everyone and I would’ve loved her forever and now I’m going to have to love her from the shadows in pain…!”

Our ancestors were not like that. They made it out of Africa with almost nothing. They traveled thousands of miles across harsh terrain and with obstacles like fucking gigantic cats and bears in their way so that you could have a better life today. They made it through days without water and food and you lose your shit when you lose your cell phone.They made it through all that and now you think just because you feel something is right you can shit all over that history.

We as a species have not been here that long. And for something that hasn’t been around the block we sure act like we have. We’ve come far though, and we can go even further. But not in this current state. We are the only species that infers permanence on an ever changing universe. We are here. Now. And by realizing that we are not as special as we think we are, we might have a chance to actually be special.

Take some time. Think. Don’t just react out of your emotional frame of reference. If you don’t understand something, don’t get angry and ask your god to burn it. Ask someone to explain it to you. I promise you smart people in general would like to teach you what they know. Love and be kind. And don’t take everything so seriously. A big meteorite is going to kill us all anyway.

Phew, that’s a huge load of my shoulders. I don’t think I’ve ever written this much in two weeks. Do you agree with what I said or do you disagree with me? Leave a comment and let me know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. If you’re enjoyed my massive rant, feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is caring after all.

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