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Love.Hate.Music – Distributing SA Tunes All Over


Ask any South African unsigned or independent artist and they’ll tell you that one of the major struggles they face is how to get their music into the hands of their fans. Previously you would have to press 1000 copies of your EP or album and hope that stores like Look & Listen and Rhythmic Beat would take them on consignment.

There was no chance of bigger stores. Then along came the world of Digital Music Stores. Great, but for artists not with a label, there was no way to access this. The problem with sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer – they require you to either have a large catalogue of music or be part of a label. A band can simply not put their music onto these sites. Companies such as TuneCore and CDBaby popped up and gave musicians this tool, at a price and in dollars.

Great news is that 2016 marks the start of Love.Hate.Music, a new opportunity for musicians, DJ’s, singers and artists who cannot keep up with the Rand Dollar exchange rate: a South African digital label, charging in Rands for the same service.

Love.Hate.Music distributes to 33 platforms globally:

24-7 Entertainment (Download & Subscription). 7 Digital (Download & Streaming). Amazon (Download), Deezer (Streaming), eMusic (Download & Subscription), Google Play (Download & Streaming), Gracenote (Metadata Delivery), Gramo (Metadata Delivery), HelloJuneNet (Download & Streaming), InProdicon (Download). iTunes / Apple Music (Download, Streaming & Radio), JH Hi-Fi Now (Streaming), Klicktrack Music (Download), Media Service Provider (Streaming & Download), MediaNet Music (Streaming), Mondia Music (Download & Streaming), Muusika24.ee (Download & Streaming), Nokia (Download), NRK DMA (Archive), Omnifone: Sony (Download & Streaming). RDIO (Streaming), Rhapsody / Napster (Download & Streaming), SecuryCast (Download), Shazam (Audio ID), Simfy Africa (Streaming), Slacker (Streaming), SoundExchange (Performance Rights), Spotify (Streaming), TIDAL /Wimp (Streaming), Xbox Music (Download & Subscription), YouTube Audio ID (AudioID), YouTube Red (Streaming) and Zvooq (Download & Streaming).

Love.Hate.Music is small multi-service company offering South African artists with a variety of elements including Artist Management, Artist Booking, Public Relations, Admin set ups (setting up of contracts, tech riders), biographies, SAMRO and Radio Sampling.  Love.Hate.Music has also recently teamed up with Christelle Duvenage to offer Band Starter Kit’s including photography and basic set up packages.

For more information on costs, please email [email protected]. This is a totally amazing cause, so make sure that you LIKE their Facebook Page to show your support.

Watch this space for regular updates in the Music category on Running Wolf’s Rant.


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