MacBook Pro 16”: A Nice Choice, but missing things I want

There are many wonderful things to be said about the new MacBook Pro 16” laptop by Apple. It was a long-awaited addition and a true upgrade to previous Apple Mac’s in the past. Many great changes have made the new MacBook Pro an excellent buy for those who are looking to upgrade their usual Macs and take it to the next level.

The new MacBook has many changes that makes it a welcome addition to the Apple lineup. This MacBook comes with a much-needed upgrade to the keyboard that makes it much more comfortable to use and couples with a much larger screen. Additionally, the speakers are considerably much better than previous models, and it is topped off with a powerful and longer-lasting battery that truly draws attention.

However, despite being one of the most powerful computers on the market, Apple is still missing a few things that could have made this powerhouse even better. Yes, the new screen size and longer battery are ideal, but most of the changes in this Mac are more iterative updates versus a completely transformative one. There are still some things that could have made the MacBook Pro a much better machine, and that is what most are still holding out for before spending exuberant amounts of money on a laptop.

What is the MacBook Pro 16” still missing?

Before you make a final decision on whether or not to purchase the new MacBook Pro 16”, you may want to know what types of things it probably should have given its price point, if these things were included, it would be the laptop of dreams.

Face ID

You would think that with a new keyboard that is praiseworthy that there would be a camera that is worth some notice as well. It isn’t The camera is the same 720p HD Camera for FaceTime that it has always been. Apple not only failed to provide enhanced Face ID; it gave you the same old camera like any of the other available Macs on the market.

Therefore, your expectations of better resolution and images in FaceTime and Skype calls are going to be no better than what you get with past MacBooks. The bezel is thick enough for a really good True Depth camera and the workstation is ideal for Face ID, but yet again, another generation of MacBooks has hit the shelves and it is lacking. Another nice to have feature would have been an automatic camera killswitch that would provide peace of mind to those who are webcam paranoid.

The Display

Let’s face it; if you are going to spend $2500 plus on a laptop, you have high display expectations. Though the MacBook Pro 16” does come with an excellent 3072 X 1920 resolution as well as a wide color gamut and 500 nits of brightness. Furthermore, there is True Tone technology that gives this display excellent quality. But is it where it should be for a laptop at this price point?

MacBook Pro Display

Though excellent, the display isn’t revolutionary. Apple is still using the IPS LCD that can be easy on the eyes for long stretches but is nothing to marvel over. Frankly, it would be more praiseworthy if it came with an efficient OLED and a micro-LED display. Furthermore, 120 Hz ProMotion capabilities like there is in the iPad Pro would have been nice as well. Apple certainly could have thought the display through a little better than they did.

However, the true pet peeve of the new MacBook is that Apple is still refusing to get a touch-screen for the Mac. Many Windows laptops have touch-screen capabilities that are ideal for many and ergonomically efficient. Why is Apple stubbornly refusing to answer the call of those longing to have a MacBook with a touchscreen? When it comes to the Mac, you are just going to have to keep waiting for those capabilities because Apple just isn’t there yet.


Now, this might just be nitpicking, but you would expect that after years on the market, Apple may have considered redesigning their MacBooks. Though the bezels are slimmer than before, Apple continues to stick with its usual design. There is nothing wrong with their usual design, it is tried and true, but you would expect that there would be a makeover at some point.

MacBook Pro Design

Though the same design as always is classically Apple, a new design would definitely draw some positive attention. There are a few things it could have done to improve the design that would have made it much more comparable to some of the higher-end Windows systems that are adding many unique features.

MacBook Pro Processor

An A-Series processor is something that could do wonders when unleashed on the Mac OS. Though the 9th generation Core i7 and i9 processors are powerful, they are still stuck with the limitations you get with Intel. Apple is killing the market when it comes to chips, so why has it not yet released an A-Series ARM processor for any of the MacBooks?

Though tried and true, it makes sense why Apple continues to use the same processor, but it is underwhelming. Apple may still be years out before it creates its own processor for the Mac, but with the A-Series on the market, it is not surprising that some may feel relatively bored with the tried and true Intel processor that Mac continues to use.


The new MacBook is definitely something to marvel at when it comes to previous Apple MacBooks. There is no denying that some of the upgrades are praiseworthy. However, this Mac undeniably missed the mark on a few things that could have made it better. Having an upgraded MacBook was something Apple needed to do and did, but it could have done it better.

Apple had an opportunity here to truly make something remarkable in all aspects of the new MacBook and they missed it. What Apple could have done here would have left all other workstations in the dust, and yet, it just didn’t happen that way. For the price of this Mac, you would have expected more and a few nice to have upgrades, but overall, you do get a solid tried and true system that is comparable to others in that price point. You can check those out on NetBookNews.

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