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Managing Your Business Email Inbox Made Simple


Need to manage your Business Email Inbox? Today we give you a few hacks to make it simpler.

It’s a fact that with proper use, emailing makes your ability to communicate with business affiliates and customers alike, easier, faster and more accurate.

However, in businesses there’s often an apocalyptic scene of email lists ruling over people, rather than people using them as tools. Spending your life sorting through emails as a priority over other business activities is essentially elective slavery.

Business Email Inbox
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Read through these tips to help you get back in control of your emails.


Inform respondents that you are reducing your office hours, and direct them to useful links where they can answer queries and questions. Give contact details that they can reach you with other than your email, such as your assistant’s contact details. Auto-reply emails are especially useful for emails that concern the same topic. When faced with lots of traffic about the same thing, point the stream of people to the same place.

Offline activity

The correct way to write emails is constantly wondered about. Those writing them are always asking others to check the tone and grammar to appear more correct, though tone can often be misinterpreted. After all, body language forms more of our face to face communication than our words do, and that element is removed when using emails. When faced with sensitive discussions, choose to have them offline rather than in your inbox and sent files. Try to avoid personal information, personal life elements and emotive wording.

Less is less

“Emails are a case where the “less is more” saying is not applicable. If you send less emails, you will receive less emails. Though it seems simple, you probably send more emails than you think. If you want less hassle, talk only to people who will have a positive impact on your business; life won’t stop because you ignore unnecessary emails.” Says Eva Nichols, marketer at Draft Beyond and Research Papers UK.

Unsubscribe from who you want, you don’t need to subscribe in the first place either

Your inbox can quickly become a very untidy place if you keep leaving doors open to it for other companies to keep dumping their promotion emails and newsletters. You wouldn’t open your house up to any stranger you thought was nice, so stop subscribing to every online company that does a good job at pressuring you into subscribing. Delete any emails from companies you haven’t kept up to date with in the last three months – clearly, they’re not important to your life.

Categorizing your Business Email Inbox can help

Using designated folders to order your emails into a hierarchical structure will help you quickly identify what is important to check through and what can wait. You email already does this to a primitive degree with its spam folder.

“Go many steps ahead from the place you were given and prioritize messages you feel are important.” Says Donnie Winegar, email marketer at Writinity and Last Minute Writing.

Use templates

Firstly, templates are freely available for you to use. If you don’t already, there is an abundance of templates for every kind of email you would want to send. These will save you time and effort in designing a proper way to send messages. Editing tools such as Academ Advisor and Grammarly will save you the stress of proof-reading your emails, too.

Limit the time you spend checking your emails

Though your inbox may be constantly pinging to remind you of incoming messages, limit how often you check it to once a day. Your colleagues may check theirs multiple times a day to stay informed, but this actually wastes time and results in staff checking less vigilantly. Set a specific time out of your day when you will prioritize checking your emails and you will have the rest of the day free to do everything else.

Statistics have shown that company members can spend just less than a fifth of their work-days checking emails! This is a figure that, if reduced, will facilitate the ability to engage in much other business-related adventures. Wasting so much time on emails is boring, counter-intuitive, unhealthy (due to chronic immobility) and reduces time available for more face-to-face collaborative work.

Enhance your work life by liberating yourself using these seven tips!

Have a tip that you want to add to manage your Business Email Inbox better? Leave a comment below.

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