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Introducing Mark Haze and 12th Avenue


It is that time of the year when Idols SA is drawing to an end and excitement is mounting. We are down to the top 8 and soon we will crown our new South African Muso.

South Africa is so diverse in its talent and regrettably most of that talent never gets noticed or never makes the “big time” and that is why I love Idols. These are real singers, not studio perfected so-called artists who have the look or the x-factor to sell ridiculous amounts of albums. Put those people on a stage and you will, most of the time, be sadly disappointed.

From the audition phase of 2011 SA Idols I fell in love with Mark Haze. His voice put goose bumps on my skin and I always judge a good artist by the goose bump factor. I didn’t really pay close attention to anyone else after that – I had picked my winner.

Every week I wait for Mark to perform, and then I lose interest. Biased, I know, but he is sensational and a true performer. I now love him even more because through Mark Haze I have discovered 12th Avenue.

12th Avenue is a Cape Town born rock band and is made up of Mark Haze, lead singer and guitar player, Bjorn Faree on guitar and backing vocals, Gareth Haze on drums and backing vocals and Brian Lee on Bass guitar and backing vocals. Four exceptionally talented musicians who sure know how make a “blow you away” rock song!

They do a cover of Midnight Oil’s Beds are Burning, one of my all time favourite tracks, so I was not too sure how this was going to go down but with a voice like Mark’s, there can be no wrong done.

If you have not yet listened to their rocking tunes, go do it NOW! Get yourself onto YouTube and give 12th Avenue a listen.

I am just sorry I have only discovered them now. But it is never too late to appreciate fine rock music and that is exactly what you will get from this four piece rock band.

On Idols last night Mark performed Bruno Mars, Just the Way you are. Sceptical were many; how can a rocker do an R&B cover but he, once again, pulled out all the stops. Mark is a polished talent with confidence that oozes from every note and as far as I am concerned, he is my Idol.

Just go have a look at the Twitter news feed after a Mark Haze performance and you will see that, although the Judges seem dubious, Mark is truly loved in this competition and if he doesn’t win I will be gobsmacked but I know that he will not disappear from the earth, like many of the contestants do. Mark Haze is set for the stars and I will be following that bright star as far as his career may take him! The fact that he is also as humble as pie makes his character even more lovable. He is not vain, he is not arrogant; he is just confident and passionate about his love of music.

If you’re an Idols fan then I don’t have to tell you to vote. If you are not an Idols fan, become one, or give 12th Avenue a listen and prepared to be forever musically altered.

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