5 Medical Marijuana Facts You Might Not Have Known

What do you know about Medical Marijuana? It’s a fact that Marijuana has mostly and for the longest time been assumed to be a recreational drug until recently. However, the medicinal value of Cannabis is starting to take center-stage. It has shown to be quite exceptional in managing certain medical conditions in ways that conventional medicine has not.

Research is being carried out in different parts of the world but most notably and more intensely in the USA. The studies conducted by both individuals and organizations seek to establish the true medicinal value of Cannabis.

Thousands of voluntary participants have taken part in this research. However, it is something that is still in the works so as to get to a sound conclusion as to the suitability of the use of marijuana as a medical remedy.

Marijuana Leaf

Normally, marijuana is readily available for recreational purposes in different forms such as:

1. Cigarettes

2. Shatter (concentrate extracted from the Cannabis plant) which is used to make different products including oils and wax for application to the body.

3. Budget buds which is packaged marijuana ordered by mail and comes in many forms such as ‘weed cakes’ and biscuits.

Germination of marijuana seeds does not require exceptional attention. This is unless the process is taking place under controlled conditions to produce a particular desired strain which only germinates well under the said conditions.

Marijuana as a varied medical remedy

The plant, in general, contains over 450 known compounds which vary in content depending on the variety of the plant.

Two of these compounds that have thoroughly been researched and form the basis for many pros and cons of marijuana, whether medical or recreational, are: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as it is commonly referred to. Cannabidiol often referred to as CBD.

These two compounds are part of a group called cannabinoids that are found in marijuana and have been proven to have one effect or another on the human body. Cannabis has got several strains, though the most common and researched are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis indica.

Some of these compounds have been identified as being useful in treating certain medical conditions. It has even been noted that the use of medical marijuana or drugs that are THC and CBD based in certain places has reduced the dependence on Opioids which carried a high risk of addiction and overdoses. This is illustrated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

What we know about medical marijuana so far

It is a fact that there is every intention in a significant number of quarters to use Cannabis as a medical remedy because of the potential that the drug has shown so far.

Some the common areas where clinical trials have been carried out so far though not sufficiently, at least according to the law include:

Cannabis does not cure any form of cancer

However, it does relieve some of the symptoms to a significant effect that is caused by both the disease and treatment of the same. Even the American Cancer Society backs up these observations.

Here are some of the symptoms that are notably suppressed by medical marijuana:

Nausea that is caused by chemotherapy and which ultimately causes loss of nutrients through vomiting. Patients that smoke or inhale vaporized marijuana have reported reduced cases of nausea.

It has been observed that appetite (which is lacking in most cancer patients) can be increased by the use of smoked or inhaled vaporized Cannabis.

It generally reduces pain in Cancer patients. These qualities that mediate the said symptoms can generally improve the well-being of cancer patients and improve their state of mind about the disease. This, in turn, is logically expected to increase their lifespans.

2. It Reduces Epileptic Seizures

Studies have shown decreased levels of seizures in Epileptic patients which is the most pronounced symptom of the disease. Treatments containing cannabidiol have been reported to reduce cases of epileptic seizures. These treatments are done when conventional medication to treat the condition fail.

3. It helps people with insomnia

Smoking or inhaling vaporized marijuana has shown to improve sleep patterns. This is usually the case with persons suffering from a variety of sleep disorders like insomnia. You can try microdosing magic mushrooms. This is through generally relaxing the body and inducing drowsiness to the patient. There are drugs that contain both THC and CBD that are used to treat these disorders.

4. It alleviates HIV / AIDS symptoms

Marijuana does not cure AIDS. It helps to alleviate some of the symptoms that come with the condition, just like with cancer. These include increased appetite, reduced pain, and nausea among others. Medical marijuana has however not been prominently used in this particular case as most patients rely on Anti-Retroviral treatment. There is a well-illustrated and more technical explanation here.

5. It has an effect on those that suffer from Parkinsons Disease

This is a particularly interesting case because of the close relationship between marijuana and Parkinson Disease. It has been discovered that THC receptors in the brain are closely located in areas that are affected by Parkinson Disease.

This has proved to be of exceptional interest to professional trying to find a cure to the disease. A lot of work still needs to be done to establish whether the introduction of THC through different forms of marijuana will provide a cure for the disease. A more comprehensive illustration can be found here.

The dilemma

Will medical marijuana will finally find a meaningful place in the field of medicine? Is it going to happen and if it is, when is it going to happen?

There is more than optimism out there for persons who are conversant with the whole picture that it will be soon. There are still a number of well-intentioned questions and the need for everyone to be on the same page about the use of medical marijuana as illustrated in this article by the Business Insider.

Some caution should be observed when considering medical marijuana as a medical remedy. All signs point out to the fact that it is only a matter of time before medical marijuana will find itself among other drugs at the local chemist.

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