Meet Foo Chan


If you’re a regular reader of Running Wolf’s Rant chances are that you know who Grumpy Cat is by now. Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tadar Sauce and it’s actually a female cat. The memes featuring her have become so popular on the internet that a Grumpy Cat movie is actually on the cards. Not bad for a cat with dwarfism, right?

I was browsing The Meta Picture website earlier tonight and I stumbled upon something pretty awesome. It turns out that Japan has their own grumpy cat and his name is Foo Chan. He seems to be a little less grumpy though, but don’t my word for it.

Foo Chan

If had to choose between Foo Chan and Grumpy Cat I would probably choose the latter. I am thinking that we could expect some more Foo Chan memes in the future. On the flipside, I might be wrong, but only time will tell. You never really know when another cat is going to get famous thanks to the internet.

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