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Review: Metallica – Through the never


I recently went to see the new Metallica – Through the never movie in 3D at Menlyn. I couldn’t imagine why a band such as Metallica would feel the need to bring out a movie, however, I’m really, really glad that they did decide to bring out the movie. I did feel a bit disconnected in the sense that I was sitting in a cinema watching a live Metallica show on a screen, with fans that didn’t really seem to be enjoying the show all that much. I was singing along to every single song that played while constanly saying to myself, “Those ‘fans’ suck at concerts, I would be starting a moshpit somewhere in the crowd or at the very least, trying to get on stage.”

The movie follows a young Roadie called Trip (Dane DeHaan), as he goes out on a mission the director of the show sents him on during a live Metallica show, and what seemed like a simple and easy task at first, turns out to be an all night affair in the streets around the concert venue. The movie is put together with footage from a bunch of shows the band did back in August 2012, with the music being a big part of the movie part of the film and the way they joined the two, was excellent, and that for a mere $18 million. James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and the fairly new member, Robert Trujillo, if you had to compare the time he has been part of the band to the other 3 members, was the other main characters in the movie, but I think that goes without saying as it is a movie about Metallica.

At the end of the movie I was disappointed in the way that I still couldn’t see the reason why the band would feel the need to make the movie, eventhough I really enjoyed the concert in 3D. I wouldn’t recommend this to a person who is not a diehard Metallica fan, but would say that if you enjoy Metallica, live or on a CD, that you should definitely watch the movie. I personaly enjoyed most of it but would get better fans to be in the movie. They really suck if you see the fans from the 80’s and 90’s, dressed in their badged leathers and bandana’s hanging from their left back pocket. I did however feel as if I wanted to be at a Metallica show afterwards, I was that hyped-up from the music that was used for the film.

Rating: 6.5/10 (Mostly because I’m quite a big fan of the band, and at the end, I enjoyed most of it.)

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