2 Of The Best Methods To Reset Your Canon Printer

Wondering what is the best ways to reset your Canon printer? I’m giving you two ways to do this today. It’s a fact that resetting is a very important process to insure that your device works well. There are some internal issues that slowly-slowly destroy the device but it can be fixed by the resetting process. Malware issues, cache issues, freezing issues, misbehaving issues all can be easily managed with the resetting process.

Do you have a Canon printer and it is creating hurdles for you? Do not worry, you just have to reset your Canon printer to overcome all your problems quickly. And we are also here with you to guide you to get quick relief from all the hurdles that are tackling you, here are the best methods to reset your Canon printer.

Reset Your Canon Printer

What Happens If You Don’t Reset Your Canon Printer?

We would like to inform you that if you will not update your device then from what causes you have to face hardly.

1. The device will start working slowly.

2. The Printer will start misbehaving.

3. The printer will stop printing.

4. The device will cause a paper jamming issue.

5. The printer starts creating noise.

6. The printer will go off suddenly.

7. Or, the printer may not turn on.

Or, so many problems will be caught by the printer. So, it would be better to timely reset your device.

Is It Safe To Reset The Canon Printer On Our Own?

Absolutely yes. There is nothing too tough to reset the Canon printer. There are some very easy and common methods through which you can very easily get your Printer reset. All you have to do is to just kindly follow the methods properly mentioned in this article. But to succeed in resetting the printer make sure to not skip any of the steps instructed below. If you will even mistakenly skip the steps then you will, unfortunately, get failed in it.

So, are you ready to fix this error? Great, just have a look then…

How To Reset Your Canon Printer – Best Fixation Methods

Okay, so now without wasting more time let’s have a look at the steps to reset the Canon printer easily.

Basically in this article, you will get to know about two methods to reset the Canon printer. The first one is the soft reset and the seconds one is the hard reset.

If you do not succeed in doing the soft reset then you can perform a hard reset after that. Are you fully confident and ready? Great, have a look below…

Method 1 – Soft Reset

1. First, just turn on your printer and then go to the menu option.

2. After that access the arrows to perform in the setup menu.

3. Then go to the device settings and then press the ok button.

4. Choose the Reset settings option and then again press the ok button to start the process.

5. And there you go.

Method 2 – Hard Reset

1. Press the power off button and let the printer switch off.

2. After that press the stop button for 3 to 4 seconds.

3. Now, hold both the power and the stop button.

4. Then leave the stop button and 5 times press the stop button. {Do not leave the power button}.

5. And after that leave the Power button and wait for a while.

6. After waiting for 20 seconds press the power button.

And there you are done with the hard reset. See, how easy it was to reset the Canon printer. Now, you can freely run your printer without any hurdles or issues.

The Canon is now free from all the problems and is also in a safe zone.


Make sure that before resetting your Canon printer kindly disconnect it from the network. Also, make sure that there should be no files sent to the printer to print.


I hope this article will be helpful to you. Did you manage to reset your Canon printer? Great, this is exactly what the aim of this article is.

I would like to thank you for giving your love and faith to us. Your trust is appreciated.

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