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Microsoft Unveils the Xbox One


A few hours ago Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, their next generation gaming console. It is being hailed as “the ultimate, all-in-one entertainment system”.

No exact launch date for this gaming console has been released yet, but its said to be “later in this year”. According to Microsoft the Xbox One is more than just a mere gaming console, but a full home entertainment solution, for controlling your television, listening to music, browsing the Internet and last but not least: playing games.

The login system on the Xbox One will be voice activated. Users will also be able to switch between TV, Internet, and the Xbox dashboard using voice commands. The new Xbox One dashboard is apparently tidier than the current Xbox 360 dash. Tiles and categories are laid out horizontally (and apparently reminds one a bit of Windows 8’s Metro UI).

The next geneneration Kinect device was also discussed

The console is to be paired with a Kinect. It features a 1080p sensor and voice recognition which can detect individual users. The Kinect camera has also been improved and now recognizes more body joints, better identifies limb movement and wrist rotation and apparently interprets the energy put into a motion.

According to Microsoft the Xbox One has 8 GB RAM, a 500 Gb hard drive, an 8-core CPU on 64-bit system architecture, an assortment of power states, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi Direct, HDMI in/out ports and a Blu-ray drive. They also claim that silent operation is a feature of the Xbox One. The Xbox One will be using the same Xbox Live subscription service as it is available currently. On the new console you can also install any game from the disc to the console’s hard drive and then play that game whenever you like without having to put the game’s disc into the console.

To be honest, some people may be freaking out about the Xbox One’s announcement, but I’m not. I grew up playing 16 Bit TV games and DOS games on PC. I’ve never been a huge fan of gaming consoles and I don’t think I’ll be getting this contraption any time soon. It’s great to see that technology is developing faster than most of us think, but when it comes to gaming I still prefer hammering a keyboard over controlling a character or other facet of a game with a controller.

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