6 facts you didn’t know about millionaires

What do you know about millionaires? Let’s be frank: each of us, at least once in his/her life has dreamt about being a millionaire. Why? Well, just imagine that you have everything you want, whatever it is a house, a car, or anything else. There are billions of ways to earn money, but scientists say there isn’t a universal receipt, which will help you to become a second Bill Gates.

Everyone tries his own way of earning money. Some win, others – lose. Of course, you can try your luck to earn a million like the Slumdog Millionaire – just so you know, many became rich due to their luck of being there in the right place, at the right time.

6 facts you didn’t know about millionaires 1

So if you are still dreaming (somewhere deep in your heart, like me) of becoming a millionaire, here are some facts, which can serve as a kind of inspiration. You never know where your secret success is hidden…

Here are the 6 interesting facts about millionaires which could inspire you

1. Most of millionaires are self-employed

Here is the example of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many other famous people, who have earned their millions by trying to develop their own business. You’ll say that the risks are huge. OK, but there is always a possibility to try from small things and invest little by little. Where is a will, there is a way, right?

2. About 15% of millionaires don’t have a college degree

Yes, that’s a fact. Here are also have the examples of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, who gave up the educational discipline to follow their dreams. And they succeeded. But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your college now. No! The biggest percentage of rich people in USA are people with college degrees. All I want to say is that following your dream and working hard, you can earn big money even without college. You just have to believe in you and develop yourself in all possible ways, even if you don’t have the possibility to continue education.

3. Majority of millionaires become rich after 50

Of course we have all heard about young people, becoming rich over the night. And that’s true. There are 16-year old teenagers who have developed an app which brought them millions of dollars. There are also people who tried their luck in online games or casinos like here and earned a million in just a few hours. Of course, most of the millionaires become rich nearing retirement, because they are living their lives focusing on earning more than spending. Are you ready for such sacrifices?

4. Rich people use to pay with cash

Poor people cannot save money, that’s why their provisions are quickly used up. On the other hand, rich people are very frugal with their money and they carefully calculate each spending. Paying with cash is easier to keep your expenses under control.

5. Millionaires use 2-year or older cars

We already know that rich people are very calculated when spending their money. And this is also the answer to the question why they prefer 2-year or even older cars. Why invest huge sums of money in a new car which drops about 60-70% in value the first two-four years? A rich person, who spends his money wisely, will rather invest in a thing which goes up in value.

6. Rich people have an active social life

Thomas Stanley, author of the famous book “The Millionaire Mind”, considers socializing a norm for the majority of millionaires. He says that rich people use to invest in building healthy relationships with the society, as much as they work on keeping their wealth.

These facts were presented for inspiration. Well, where are you going to start from?

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