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Mirror Mirror, is Instagram lying to us?


In today’s world you HAVE to look good. That is the message sent out daily by thousands of adverts, in all shapes, sizes and forms. No one is happy with who you are as you are. You always have to do better, look better, feel better and be better. Not just a tiny bit better, but you have to take massive strides everyday to feel like you are making progress. It is sad, but it’s the truth and it won’t change anytime soon.

This renewed focus on health and body image has led to a massive fitness movement.  Pinterest boards are full of workouts, motivational quotes, recipes for flavoured water and other such things; gym membership is soaring (and not just because it’s Summer), supplements are becoming main stream and “lifting” is becoming a popular past time (like playing golf or reading). Fitness meme’s are being created by every smart marketer out there and almost everyone says they go to gym or they do crossfit (and they like talking about it a lot, whenever they meet new people).

I am trying to get fit and as part of my motivation I follow local fitness athletes on my social media accounts, I recently saw some of the people that I follow on Instagram in real life and I was genuinely shocked.

Yes, they were as ripped as an old Greek statue but they were by no means big. Toned – yes, muscular – yes, small – yes. Even worse, they were eating pizza. Their Instagram accounts were not a true reflection of reality.

People forget that Instagram, Facebook and every other social media platform out there is used solely to communicate to others what the individual wants them to see.  Social media is used to portray a lifestyle that in real life is unattainable. One cannot eat clean every day, all day. No one can party for a week straight. It is so easy to believe everything you see online and to accept it as gospel truth. My friends, don’t fall into this trap, it only helps perpetuate the vicious  cycle that you are not good enough.

If you are working hard, have dreams and goals and are slowly getting to those you are good enough. If you are looking after a family or your loved ones, helping people grow and learn, you are good enough. If you are studying in hope that one day you will get that scroll and be able to throw your cap in the air, you are good enough.  If you are at gym once a week or more, working out until you are covered in sweat you are good enough.

Remember, Instagram and all of those other social networks are designed to manipulate your perception. So, do yourself a favor and remember you are good enough.


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