“Monumental Chaos” in Pretoria


Yesterday a huge thunderstorm hit the capital city at about tjailatime (just after 4 PM). I was on my way on to the Hatfield Gautrain station when it. I got soaking wet and was struck by light hail on my way to the station. I eventually got my soaked ass on the Gautrain from Hatfield to Centurion (hoping the rain would clear for the cricket match at Supersport Park). Pretoria was hit by intense lightning strikes during this storm. And I don’t really like to be to close to lightning.

Mitchell Krog (39) is not scared of lightning though. This photographer from Magaliesburg has been taking pictures of lightning for the past 16 years. He gives his photographs dramatic names such as “Fire and Ice” and “Killer Storm” and has captured some of the most impressive lightning strikes committed to camera. He has said that he doesn’t fear lightning so whenever possible he will happily place himself directly in the path of an approaching storm. And he’s dodged some close strikes. He snapped this photo entitled “Monumental Choas” depicting 3 almost simultaneous lightning strikes around the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

This is such an awesome photo. And it proves that this oke is fearless. A site like this would scary the living crap out of me (to be honest). So, Kudos and High Fives to Mitchell Krog. Impressive, just impressive. Check out his official website at http://mitchellkrog.com/.

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