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Movie Review: Suicide Squad


That “Two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside” song has been stuck in my head since watching the new anti-hero film, Suicide Squad. The song featured in the film, with one kief scene to go with it. Before you start rolling your eyes at me, you should really watch this movie in 3D (if you can).

Based on the anti-hero DC comic of the same name, the screenplay was written and directed by David Ayer (Training Day, Harsh Times, Street Kings). The cast is quite an impressive one with Will Smith (Deadshot), Jared Leto (The Joker), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Jai Courtney (Digger Harkness AKA Captain Boomerang), Jay Hernandez (El Diablo), Adewale Akinnuove-Agbaje (Killercroc), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag) and Scott Eastwood (EQ Edwards) and yes that is Clint Eastwood’s son. Please note that I haven’t watched the new Batman and Superman movies but that should not be a problem for anyone watching this film.

The movie is based on what happens after Superman dies. Some intelligence operative, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) assembles the meanest team of dangerous criminals. You think at the begging that Deadshot (played by Will Smith) might relive the other fails he’s starred in recently, but when the scene goes to the deranged (and moer sexy) Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) you start to relax.

They are basically disposable assets in high-risks missions for the Blue and White Stripe country (the USA). Oh and to keep them in-line they all have small bombs implanted in their necks (hence the names Suicide Squad). These guys are seriously dangerous though, so I can understand why. Killercroc lives underneath the prison and gets a whole carcass to chew on. Harley has no bed and hangs literally from the roof and well the rest of them comes in from other corners. Meanwhile the Joker still has a hard-on for Harley (I think all the boys do after this movie) and he does everything in his power to get her out. In the comics he is after all her puddin’.

The reason why they get this team together is to fight one mean ass entity named “Enchantress” (played by Cara Delvingne) who is actually one unlucky archaeologist who touched the wrong idol. She goes all haywire and brews up a storm with her brother, Incubus, so the US government sends in the Suicide Squad under the command of solider boy, Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) to fight this mean ass villain / “terrrorist”, but I’m not giving away everything! Go watch it.

The Joker (Jared Leto) is really crazy, like gangster crazy. Heath Ledger was a very dark Joker (and nuts) while Jack Nicholson was more like the cartoon Joker for me (and very colourful). Jared Leto did a fantastic job with his portrayal of the much-loved comic book villain. It was more like the graphic novel version and his role wasn’t as big as one would expect in this film. Jared can really polish off the Oscar he has already because he is just bloody good (and yes, the green hair won me over too).

Will Smith also did an exceptional job as well. He did a really good bad guy even though the production tried very hard to keep him that good hearted oke. Harley Quinn, boys all I’m saying is she is one sexy lady. How Margot Robbie survived filming in hot pants, fish net stockings and high heels is beyond this cow. She reminds you of some girl you met at Oppikoppi before the shrooms hit and she is deadly with a bat.

El Diabalo is trying really hard not to be the tattooed Mexican gangster while Killercroc has some serious skin issues. What they did with Killercroc will really give your little sister nightmares and Scott Eastwood is in the SEAL squad that has to plant one big bomb and they have to dive with Killercroc  – you can put two and two together, can’t you?

Before I stop boring you with this review, I have to tell you about Tatsu Yamashiro or Katana (played by Karen Fukuhara). She is a Japanese swords “man” that uses a cursed sword which traps the souls of the folks that she kills souls in the sword. Her husband’s own soul is trapped (someone she did not kill). Karen Fukuhara is only 24 years old (and I don’t get scared of young actresses easily), but she definitely scared me in some of the fight scenes in the film.

I said it before, so I’ll say it again: you have to watch this in 3D (and don’t wait for it to come out on DVD or Bluray). The action scenes, the make-up, the costumes (and Harley Quinn) will probably make you pre-order it.

It is a well-directed and well written movie. The script has lots of dry humour patches in between. You’ll actually like the anti-hero team and see follow ups from this movie. There is a few dumps here and there. I still need to get used to Ben Affleck being Batman. That dude is in dire need of a Gilette razor if you ask me.

Never listen to the bad critics, only the sexy ones, like rubber green cows. I give this movie 8 out of 10 wolf howls.


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