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Mr Delivery Fires Chef


The folks at Mr Delivery were nice enough to send me a very interesting package yesterday. It seems that they have fired the Mr Delivery Chef.  They’ve included a radio (which was loaded with a cassette tape with recordings of their former Chef phoning people like Zapiro, Helen Zille and Colin Moss to ask for work). The package also included a Poster of Chef flipping of the Mr Delivery sign for being fired and other goodies. This package gives me the idea that Chef is desperate for a job. I just wanna say “Sorry Mr Chef, I don’t have a job for you! May you should speak to the department of Public Works or something. Government always needs a good caterer”.

Chef has been featured on the company logo for 18 years, but has officially been fired with immediate effect after the premium delivery company recently underwent a change in management. These changes bring with them many improvements, both in business strategy and service delivery, setting the pace for a faster, more evolved and more efficient Mr Delivery. Since the new directors, David Chait and Alon Rom, bought the company in April last year key positive changes have taken place to improve he core service of delivering hot food to its loyal customers. These changes include restructuring the business to a pure franchise model to ensure better service as well as new Acutemp technology discs being placed inside delivery bags to keep food hot.

“Due to a large volume of complaints from loyal Mr Delivery customers in the past, actions were taken and, in a unanimous decision, chef was consequently fired. This stems largely from his age, lack of ability to adhere to rules and regulations and complete disregard for his peers and Mr Delivery customers,” says Chait, director of Mr Delivery and previous owner of Vida e Caffe and Rikkis Taxis. The events leading up to this are unfortunate, as is losing our long-time chef, but this is done with both his and the companies best interest in mind. On behalf of all of the staff here at Mr Delivery, we wish him (and his future employers) the best of luck in all his future endeavours.”

Rom explains that they took over Mr Delivery as they saw great potential in the brand and wanted to bring their passion for customer service to the heart of the business. He points out that all official complaints lodged via the national call centre, website and public forums come across their desks as well as any escalated by the franchises. “Since we took over the company, the group and the brand is living and breathing the ethos of delivering good service. This is further supported by the franchises that have a vested interest in keeping customers happy. Over and above this, we are going to really engage with our customers and add more value and services. Customers can look forward to some new exciting initiatives and rewards in 2011 as well as a new look for the brand.”

Individuals can now interact with Mr Delivery and win R12 000 in Mr Delivery vouchers by liking the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MrDeliverySA. I just want to take this opportunity to thank the people behind this campaign for thinking of Running Wolf’s Rant.


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