Mr T – Nightelf Mohawk Grenade (Video)


Sometime last year (or the year before) Mr T (famous for playing B.A. Baracus on The A-Team in the 1980s) appeared in a television advert in the United States promoting World of Warcraft (the popular MMORPG). In this advert he claimed that there is a Nightelf Mohawk class in the game.

Mr-T-604x400 Mr T - Nightelf Mohawk Grenade (Video)

It seems that the company that makes the game, Blizzard (who is also responsible for Starcraft and Diablo) has considered Mr T’s gesture that there is a Nightelf Mohawk class in the game by introducing an item called a Nightelf Mohawk Grenade which can be obtained from an Nightelf Mohawk NPC (or Non Player Character) in World of Warcraft. Quite interesting. Maybe I should use one of my toons to get this item.

This is the new advert for the Nightelf Mohawk Grenade:

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