Must-Have Tools For Car Manufacture, Repair And Business Promotion

Whether it is for repairs, maintenance or manufacturing, a car business or a technician can’t work without the right tools. All tool kits are jam-packed with all important tools that will shape a vehicle design or bring a damaged car back to life. A toolkit is something that cannot be overlooked in the car industry.

When it comes to tools you may think of the hardware only (like hammers, spanners, pliers, etc.). You will also need some soft tools as well.


The working tools

If you want to be a part of the huge and promising car industry, you will need to focus on your toolbox and its associated areas. Here is a list of both the tool types and their functions in brief.

To build a car you’ll need the following:

  • An assembly line
  • The doors
  • The engine
  • Paint the car
  • Electrical works
  • Fitting in the accessories and much more.

As far as the tools used to repair work and other small yet necessary jobs, the list includes:

1. Flex Head Ratchet

This is a must have tool for all technicians working in the automobile industry. This specific ratchet usually has a slender head and body, but do not go for its skinny look. This tool is very useful to reach to all of those tough-to-reach fasteners, nuts and bolts in a car.

The unique flex feature of this tool enables you to spool the handle allowing you maximum leverage during loosening or tightening the bolts.

2. Needle Nose Pliers

This is another useful tool and just as the name of it signifies, these pliers have a sharp front-end and are essential for almost all types of automotive project and found in any automotive techician’s toolkit.

3. Battery Carrier

Issues with the battery is a very common issue that a technician must handle frequently. This tool will make it easier for the technician to remove the old battery. The battery carrier locks the battery securely in the right place so that it can be pulled out easily.

4. Clip-On Hood Light

Sometimes while working on a car the technician has to look into darker areas inside the car. This foam-covered fluorescent light provides the necessary illumination and can be clipped on to almost any hood of a car with spring loaded snaps. The foam prevents it from scratching and breaking.

5. Cordless Impact Wrench

This wrench is battery powered and cordless. This helps the technicians to blast off any bolt easily with 500 to 600 lbs per foot of torque. This wrench can be adjusted accordingly to any size to remove any rusted or stubborn nut.

6. Flexible Funnel

This will facilitate with oil changes and therefore help you to keep your workplace as clean as possible. These funnels are available in different sizes and are very useful to pour oil right into the draining pan.

7. Spare Power Battery

This can be snapped any time on those portable, battery operated tools such as the drill and impact wrench enabling the technician to be always prepared for long hours of work without any interruption.

8. Hydraulic Jack

In most of the times, cars are needed to be accessed from the underside for fixing, removing and repairing parts. With this hydraulic lift, it will be easier for the technician to get under the car as the jack will elevate the car quickly.

9. Vise Grips

This tool will allow the technician to grab anything tightly especially if the nuts and bolts are stubborn. It is also useful to close a leak in the radiator tube.

10. Screwdrivers

This is something without which no tool box is complete. Available in different sizes and shapes, screwdrivers are used to remove screws of any size and shape of head.

Any successful technician needs to be very familiar with the wide array of automotive tools. You will find a lot of other tools some of which are very intriguing as well.

Tools for business operation

Apart from the working tools, you must also get the right tools and use it properly to rev up your business operations and growth as well. Business operation and growth is most important and for that you will need to market your business well.

This is primarily important for all types of businesses, online or offline, selling cars, shoes, and grocery items or posting informative contents such asdebt consolidation reviews and college study materials.

If you want to reach out to the local, regional and even at the national and international level, then without these tools you will find it very hard, if not impossible to reach to your business goal.

One of the best tools that you should use to reach out to a wider market is the Facebook advertising solutions

This will make your path easy and help you in many different ways such as:

  • Showing your offers to more and more targeted audience using the dynamic Facebook ads
  • Showing the right automotive offers
  • Prompting the services and vehicles automatically to people
  • Learning and using more of the automotive inventory and lead generation ads to gain more customers
  • Generate more quality leads for your automobile business and help the people to learn more about your dealership
  • Sell used vehicles to your local community by listing on Marketplace enabling you to reach out to the interested buyers easily
  • Establish a faster and easy connection with the existing customers through Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Use the contact list or site traffic or any app activity to reach out to those people who have shown significant interest in your business and
  • Use video to display your vehicles and different facets in a more dynamic way.

You can also track the results of the ads and make better marketing decisions, both online and offline.

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