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My 2 Cents on Blue Moon 13 in 2013


How can one cow nearly finish a bottle of tequila? With a little help of her friends. Blue Moon 13 in 2013 was gig I was looking forward to but the rain clouds gathered around Nelsprata and it rained. In fact it’s still shitty weather over here. When it rains in Nelsparta people are afraid that they are going to melt, which meant a shitty turn out for this weekend’s gig.

I could not believe it, so much work went into the gig and yet only a small crowd gathered to join the celebrations. After arriving with a car full of people (including two Blue Moon virgins) the first mission was to set up the tent and our sleep quarters. My human had brought a good friend of ours with her so he did all the hard work.

After we set up camp it was the next mission, to walk down to the gate to get checked in and get our colour. You see Blue Moon followed a trend of a colour war and they had some big bags of colour powder just waiting to be thrown. After we checked in, it was back up the mountain to the bar for mission number 3 otherwise known as “getting an ice cold beer”.

Blue Moon’s bar is always warm with love and welcomed by everyone. The rain still stayed away but the cloudy weather made it cold outside. After the first beer it was time for a Jagermeister and another beer before stomping off to find a fire. I was watching local act Apple Finger but it looked like they tried to copy Christina Arguilera’s “Candy man” look. The covers were not bad and for an ice breaker act they really did not do to bad. Next up was The Sky. These Pretoria guys are expect to go places in the SA Music scene very soon. Their music is original rock and you can’t stop listening to them. It was my second time that I watched them and it won’t be the last.

By the time December Streets came up I was in love with them, they are so cute. Of course I know their music from radio and my human addiction to SA music so I knew all the words. They did a few new songs that I did not know but the small crowd sang with like it was 300 people. I loved the energy. ISO was headlining and it was great to see them perform. There is no news about their equipment that was stolen earlier this year at Oppikoppi festival, but they managed just great. ISO brought it to the mountain and the spirit of Blue Moon was awoken again, the people who were there wanted to be there.

After the show, it was back in the bar and I found out that the colour war had already begun earlier. I was covered in all the colours of the rainbow and it wasn’t long before we looked like we all got gang banged by boxes of Smarties and crayons. It was fun to watch the different colours on people faces and also on the stage lights with the lights. Everyone looked like colourful ghosts.

Well, there you have it, my 2 cents on Blue Moon 13 in 2013. Hope to see some of you folks here soon for another eventful and colourful party.

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