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My 2 Cents on Honey Badger Bistro


On Saturday morning I made way to the Honey Badger Bistro for the very first time. I was impressed with the awesome layout of the restaurant and the simple (yet arty) decor and atmosphere that greeted me the second I stepped through the door.

Saturday was a special occasion for the Honey Badger Bistro – they celebrated their first birthday. They celebrated this by putting up some of their awesome sauces, coffees, brownies, cupcakes and other tasty goodies for sale. Everything I laid my eyes on at the display just looked absolutely delicious. So much so that I mistook something that look like muffins for cupcakes and then only found out that they were actually brownies afterwards. Just shows you what can happen when you have so much of delicious in front of you.

I was one of the lucky bloggers to sample some of their food on Saturday. The food selection on their menu is very wide. They offer a wide range of breakfasts (to cure that extra special Aandklas or Arcade Empire hangover), mouth-watering burgers (with homemade beef patties or delicious chicken fillets), salads, gourmet sandwiches, vegetarian dishes and lots more. I had trouble to decide what I wanted to eat, but eventually I settled for a burger with 3 kinds of cheese on it.

Honey Badger Bistro stocks your usual hot and cold beverages. The service was very good – I only waited for my burger for 10-12 minutes. The burger and chips that I had was so good, I think I had a “foodgasm” in my mouth. The bun was perfect, the pattie was properly cooked and the mixture of  flavours that I experienced was just yummy. The chips with patato skins were really crispy and really tasty too.

I’m surprised that I have not make a plan to dine here before, especially because its only a few blocks from the office where I work in Hatfield. The overall experience was so awesome that I will definitely go back again. I suggest that you go and check out Honey Badger Bistro if you have not done so already. The vibe and atmosphere is awesome and the food is really tasty.

Honey Badger Bistro is located at 1110 Pretorius Street, Hatfield. You can connect with these awesome via the Honey Badger Bistro Facebook page or via @honey_badgerPTA on Twitter.

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