My 2 Cents on the Proposed Pretoria Street Name Changes

The Tswane Metro Council announced last week that they intend to change 25 street names in Pretoria in the coming months. I’ve been a resident of Pretoria for the past 16 years and I think this is totally ridiculous. I know the political reasons behind the proposed changes by the ANC controlled council are valid, but it’s ludicrous at this time. It’s not like Tswane Metro is an example of the richest Metro council in South Africa.

My 2 Cents on the Proposed Pretoria Street Name Changes 1

To my knowledge, The Tswane Metro Council has been struggling to break even over the last few years. Basic services are being delivered in most of the the Metropolitan region, but service delivery has never been this council’s strong point. This ANC controlled council has not addressed all the issues in the Metropolitan area if you ask me. Now it seems that they’re trying to shift the focus of the citizens of Pretoria from that by wasting millions on unneeded street name changes. Luckily they’re dropping the “changing the Tswane name to Pretoria” quest for now.

This a list of Pretoria Street names that are said that need to change:

  • Zambesi to Sefako Makgatho
  • Hendrik Verwoerd to johan Heyns
  • Beatrix/Mears/Voortrekker to Steve Biko
  • Hans Strijdom to Solomon Mahlangu
  • Walker/Charles to Justice Mohammed
  • Proes to Johannes Ramokhoase
  • Duncan to Jan Shoba
  • Generaal Louis Botha to January Masilela
  • Esselen to Robert Sebukwe
  • Vermeulen to Madiba
  • Schubart to Sophie de Bruyn
  • Potgieter to Kgosi Mapuru
  • Prinsloo to Sisulu
  • Skinner to Nana Sita
  • Jacob Mare to Jeff Masilela
  • Queen Wilhelmina to Florence Ribiero
  • Van Der Walt to Lillian Ngoyi
  • Andries to Thabo Sehume
  • D F Malan to Eskia Mphahlele
  • Mitchell to Charlotte Maxewke
  • Schoeman to Francis Baard
  • Church Street to Stanza Mobapa/Helen Joseph/WF Nkomo/Elias Motswaledi
  • Michael Brink to Nico Smith
  • Leah Mangope to Peter Mangope
  • Lucas Mangope to Molefe Makinte

I just have one question, how is “Church” a political name that needs to change? And even though Tswane mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa is saying that this is “Not Targeted at Afrikaners”, I call bullshit. This is another attempt by the ANC to erase history. They need to understand that there’s two sides to history and history can not be erased. Pretoria has a rich history and doing this will sweep a huge portion of it under a rug. This is just another way that the council wants to waste money instead of actually focusing on what citizens of Tswane Metro need, proper service delivery and less cock-ups with electricity and water bills.

What are your thoughts about this? Drop a comment on this post and let the readers of Running Wolf’s Rant know. Feedback is appreciated and welcome here. Watch this space for regular updates in the Opinion category on this blog.

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  1. Lexamantis

    Look, I just can’t believe they are doing away with the funniest street name in South Africa. Proes Street… As an aside… Proes was actually the first state attorney of the old republic and isn’t even South Africa. He’s from Holland…. Nothing is more idiotic to me than the concept of racism – I say dislike people because they are stupid idiots, not because of a skin colour. That’s my motto anyway… but now we are breeding a country of uneducated and ignorant people. HOW is that any better? Just because history is awful, doesn’t mean we pretend it didn’t happen. We embrace it, learn from it and move on. Get over it. Use money for things that the country and it’s citizens actually need…. It’s like paying for a woman’s boobjob when what she really needs is a cure for her cancer.

    1. Henno Kruger

      Lexamantis: Thanks for your feedback 🙂 Valid points made 🙂

      1. Nicolas

        Jacks julle is voorwaar n pgirtage gesin, dis n inspirasie om te sien jong mense laat dit nog werk en is gelukkig, Lemae is die cuteste ding ooit xxx

    2. Loscov

      So so so true, and your illustration is so on point, they trying to give the city a boob job instead of dealing with her Cancer! Just because the cancer is a long term investment, it doesn’t mean you should leave it for the next guy, man up and deal with it!! There is way better to use for the money in Pretoria than changing names!! One day the generations will look back at the leaders of today and will say what a bunch of idiots or wow they really made a difference for us!

      The way I see it the people in those meeting making the decisions should look at the generations to come and not just think of themselves, coz I see that happening a lot! People are so concerned about themselves looking to the past, instead of looking to the future for there Children and the children’s children!!
      Stop being so selfish and think about your Children and rather spend money on the educational system as that will give everyone a fair chance to make a life for themselves, that way it will make way for a better future!

      Wake up!! our government you should know we are not blind, we see through everything you do racial or non racial, stupid or wise!! People will see through every motive you might have, so make sure your motives are pure and in the best interest of the people!

      Do it for the children!

      1. Henno Kruger

        Loscov: Thanks for your feedback 🙂 Valid Points Made 🙂

  2. Candice Gualdi

    Im a greatgranddaughter of Michael Brink. As stated above this is OUR history! Not just mine but EVERYONES and changing a name will not change the history!

    Why change something that does not need changing when there is so much in this world that still needs fixing.

    They have the chance to make a history of there own, but instead want to waste time harping on the past and not focus on the future.

  3. Esna

    @Candice, I’m probably ignorant, but who was Michael Brink? I’m related to the person that Esselen street was named after. He was Jan Smut’s secretary.

  4. Candice Gualdi

    Senator Michael Brink ( J.M.v H Brink), leader of the UNITED Party 1943-1948, His wife Elle Brink.
    The Brink family resided at 40 Malan Street, Riviera. This property is now the “Amper Bo Guesthouse”.
    (Elle Street in Riviera, was named after my great grandmother)

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