My Personal International Education Experience

This is my Personal International Education Experience… I am a resident of Athens in Greece. I am currently undertaking a law degree from The University of Sydney. My first contact with the university dates back to the year 2012.

Back then I applied to the university for an undergraduate degree. Since I was eager to obtain admission in the prestigious university, I made sure that my application to the exchange programme was made and completed in due time.

International Education

I have always been adept in the field of law. This university is regarded as one of the leading international study destinations. I’ve always believed that the university offers the ideal study environment for a law student. I am also completely satisfied with my exchange application. My belief in the standard of the university was further enhanced after consulting multiple experts of online course platform, TrumpLearning.

My international experience

Broadly speaking, my international educations experience has been a positive one. I would not say that I did not face any challenges at all during the course of my education program but most of these challenges were outside the purview of my academic journey. I can recall having obtained assignment help Sydney quite a many times, which always helped me stay up to date with my assignments and academic deadlines for various projects.

The areas where I genuinely faced problems were finding an affordable housing option, and being able to meet my general expenses of living on a daily basis. At this point, I would like to mention that Australia is not one of the cheapest places to live and from a student’s perspective, making ends meet can sometimes be a huge problem.

For this reason, sometimes even something as simple as the need to buy term papers had to be kept aside when I used to run short on liquid funds.

It’s not unknown that Australia happens to be a hot spot for students and interns from all over the world

Many young professionals who find employment in international organisations also visit Australia and search for a place to stay. Owing to this, a dearth for affordable housing is created and it becomes difficult to find a reasonable place to stay.

It becomes quite consuming money wise and time wise, to locate such an accommodation. The only option that remains for most people like me under these circumstances are student residencies.

However, in spite of being affordable, they are not quite enough to accommodate the number of students seeking value accommodation. Flat sharing system is another option but then, it is hardly economical. In comparison to the cheaper alternatives mentioned above, the rental value of such flats is quite high. You will be surprised to know that I had no accommodation available to me, until one week before my arrival in Australia.

Such hardships kept aside, the broad academic curriculum which is offered at this university is a deep learning experience. It’s placed well within a high quality education system. You will find an efficiently operating management at the university and an infrastructure that supersedes many international environments. Added to this is the comfort of availing python homework help, when required.

The social environment

As you might be aware, Australia offers a wide and diverse cultural environment. This is conducive to growth and development with a holistic approach. Since I have generally been good at socialising with new people, it was quite easy for me to kick start my networking with my international friends.

I decided that I need to be a part of as many social groups with this network as I could. Whenever I would come across any events or activities which were organised in our campus or between our friend’s circle, I made sure that I marked my attendance at it.

The plus side of all this networking is that I am still friends with most of the people. This network consists of people belonging to different nationalities. This makes it possible to gain exposure across a number of fields and get opportunities in different countries.

The one thing which I noticed during this time was that it was quite difficult to connect with local students. They often reserve a perception about the temporary status of students like me.

It is probably because of our temporary status as an international resident. Another plus point of taking an international education for me, was a chance to excel at a new language and learn more about the local culture of the country.

The university experience

The efficient management and administration of the university ensured that I had no problems while going through my admission and academics. I must mention that their support for international students is a very warm gesture. This makes you feel highly comfortable throughout the academic curriculum. I was given on point information about admission and arrival guidelines in advance.

When I arrived at the campus, I was given a proper welcome. The administration ensured that I had no trouble going through my course. This was a great international education experience.

The academic learning

This needs no clear mention I believe but still, I would like to reinstate what I had already declared at the start of my journey. This is one of the best universities which I happened to come across, for undertaking a course in law.

At some point, you will need to buy college essays and take essays help to keep up with the flow of the academic curriculum. It’s understandable since it can be quite tedious to keep up with every deadline and project commitment and still be able to find time for all social activities.

If you’re good at it, your network can prove to be an asset at times. This is the definitely the case when you find yourself in a fix. It’s important to maintain cordial relations with your teachers and professors. This will go a long way in building your positive image with them and helping you out at times.

I enjoyed my academic and social life while I was in Australia. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to pursue an international education.

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I thoroughly appreciate all the assistance I got when I was here. I can reassure you that the people here are quite warm and friendly. You can easily reach out, in case you find yourself in any trouble.

Well, there you have it, my personal international education experience. Feel free to spread the word about this.

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