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Nando’s Diversity Print Advert Published


A while ago I featured the Nando’s Diversity TV Advert. The advert is part of Nando’s #Diversity campaign, where the flame-grilled chicken brand forces South Africans to question xenophobia and intolerance. The advertisement was aimed at addressing a social ill and Nando’s approach is one that seeks to have South Africans take a stand against these prejudices by encouraging them to embrace the diverse inhabitants of their country.

It’s unbelievable, but, sadly the public broadcaster (the SABC), ETV and DSTV didn’t think that this was the aim of the advert. All of them banned the advert on their television networks in South Africa last week. It’s utterly ridiculous (if you ask me). The good news is that Nando’s hit back yesterday, and they did it brilliant with their typical tongue-in-cheek style of saying things (which has made them the popular brand that they are in the country).

Subsequently the reason why the SABC, DStv and eTV refused to air the ad last week was because its said that it would provoke xenophobic attacks. That hasn’t stopped Nando’s from getting their message out, the fast-food franchise took out advertising space in South Africa’s largest newspapers and detailed the TV advert scene by scene.

Check out the Print Advert Below:

This is an absolutely brilliant concept, letting South Africans decide is what democracy is all about. I can’t believe that we still live in democratic society which bans content like this (18 years after Apartheid).

This print advert has been selected to be featured in the regularly updated Funny Pictures section in the Humor category on Running Wolf’s Rant. Drop me a comment and let me know what you think about this, feedback is appreciated and welcome here.

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