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Nando’s: The Dubious History of Delicious Peri-Peri Advert


Over the years Nando’s have become famous in South Africa for their radical, awesome, hilarious and sometimes tongue-in-cheek style TV adverts. People like Vernon Koekemoer and Chuck Norris have been featured in previous campaigns.  This time Nando’s are taking it to the next level.

10 days ago microsite was launched for the Next Nando’s Advertising epic at http://howfarwillyougo.co.za/. Every week, until the 30th June they’ll be posting a series of 6 Nando’s adverts that celebrate “the dubious history of delicious peri-peri”. For each ad they want to know what you think happens next.

Episode 2 has already been uploaded on the site, episode 3 will be live in a few days:

Get involved! Upload your text or video or just vote for your favourites. You can submit your answer via video (30 seconds) or text (280 characters). More information about this can be found at http://howfarwillyougo.co.za/ads/the-dubious-history-of-delicious-peri-peri-ep-2/. Each week they will upload the next advert in the series, there will be 6 adverts in total. The last ad will be uploaded on the 30th of June. Feel free to check out all the submissions that have been received so far at http://howfarwillyougo.co.za/all-submissions/.

Participants reminded to “Have fun. Go wild. Be naughty. But please, film responsibly and don’t put anyone off their food.”

If you participate in this, share this with everyone and encourage your friends to vote for your entry. At the end of the campaign 3 of the top rated submissions overall will each win an African adventure holiday worth R20 000.


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