Nasty C Songs: 8 of the best in 2018


In the early 2010’s, we all watched a rising star, Nasty C, slowly coming into the limelight. Since then, his music has kept getting better, his performances are getting increasingly electrifying and his talent even greater.

Coke Studio gave us a few more gems to hold on to as we saw Nasty C dive into different genres of music and impart his on style in them, this gave us “Said” – his collaborative single with Rundown in 2017.

Nasty C

In 2018, however, Nasty C took his career a step further after releasing his second studio album Strings and Bling in July. Nasty C’s new songs have been getting the video releases lately, and we were there for it all.

In this article, we’ll look at the best songs from Nasty C’s 2018 album and his best collaborations last year.

1. “Jungle”– Nasty C

This hot Nasty C single is a banger. In this song, you can see Nasty C go nasty with the lyrics giving it a lot more hype than you might expect.

If you need a song to get you in the zone for the club or when you are in the club then look no further. The song on its own is bound to get some wondering whether it is worth any salt, but the video will tip the scales after the first listen. “Jungle” has 987,000 views on YouTube and will only keep rising.

2. “King” – Nasty C ft A$AP Ferg

This is Nasty C’s song that has made waves internationally recently. “King” was released in September and has more than 3 million views already.

Most of these views came from people that wanted to listen to A$AP Ferg and ended up with a new artist to listen to, Nasty C. Bringing the freshest new African hip-hop talent to the global stage, Nasty C’s “King” is perhaps the best display of his rapping prowess yet. This song will remind you of Nasty C 25 from the beginning of last year.

3. “SMA” – Nasty C ft Rowlene

“SMA” is one of the latest and perhaps the most emotional song on Nasty C’s latest album. Nasty C and Rowlene bleed emotions from you with their voices. The song is slow and relaxed with infrequent bass and a piano in the background that slowly lulls you out as its tempo slowly rises.

Nasty C shows us his penchant for great lyrics with his verses in this song and a clear divergence from the first two songs on this list. “SMA” has not had its video released and there are no reports of one being in the works but the audio has over 660,000 views on YouTube.

4. “Strings and Bling” – Nasty C

“Strings and Bling”, is the title track of Nasty C’s 2018 album. It conveys the emotions of every unique experience of life we have all had. Nasty C takes a different direction with his music with the guitar instrumentals and the use of the auto tuned vocals as part of the background to fill in the spaces with no lyrics.

The lyrics point to a path of finding peace in your own unique ways despite what others think. Strings and Bling audio has over 372,000 streams on YouTube.

5. “Everything” – Nasty C

The hallmark of a great talent in hip-hop music is the ability of an artist to adapt his singing to the beat. Nasty seems always to have the perfect lyrics for every song. This song is the best pick from Strings and Bling to sit back and relax to as you enjoy the relaxing vibe of the instrumentals and amazing vocals. “Everything” has 229,000 streams so far without a video.

6. “My Baby” – Nasty C

“My Baby” is another new feel-good vibe song from his latest album, Strings and Bling. It has a hyped-up beat and the right lyrics for a nice evening indoors with your special someone.

At some point, the clapping in the beat gets so high, but the calm lyrics and the use of the vocals as part of the beat make this a very relaxing song. This is not playing at a club, but you might hear it at a wedding. The song has 244,000 views on YouTube so far.

7. “Casanova” Remix – Nasty C ft Mr. Travis

This song is not as emotional as “SMA” but the message in the lyrics is about his friends and who to trust. It is a story of his youth through his music.

“Casanova” is a languid relaxed song, and it is hard not to enjoy the beat and the sly rhyme in his lyrics as he slowly tells you a story. “Casanova” is the best choice for when you want a relaxed playlist for the road or a night in or any time you need to relax.

8. “Gravy” – Nasty C

“Gravy” carries on with the relaxed mood of the last three songs on this list. It has a perfect beat with the 808 bass, and the very lovely rhythm in Nasty C’s singing make this song one of the catchier songs from the new album.

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