New Betting Options for Live Casinos in South Africa

Live Casinos are a a thing now. It’s a fact that with the rise of remote working and internet industries in general, online casinos have not only started to pop all over, but with more games, options, and bonuses as well. It seems like new live casinos in South Africa are opening all the time, and with an increasing number of benefits to entice new players.

But, both experienced players and new arrivals should be smart about how they approach these games. Finding a betting provider over doggy social media pages can be dangerous, and may cost you more than just the money you give to play.

A smart player should investigate independent online review websites to see what are their options and where they could get the most bonuses.

Enjoy Online Casino Jet Setting

In the old days of brick and mortar casinos, you would be awarded for being a loyal customer. As a player, you were expected to stay in one place and spend wads of cash if you wanted to get any benefits.

Now, when it is a player’s market, the roles are reversed. You can switch casinos without even leaving your couch, and you don’t need to stay in any place that doesn’t respect your money, business, or time.

Live Casinos

The new big thing is to gamble in multiple online casinos regularly, and there is nothing bad about that. Take the entry bonus, play while it lasts, or until you win enough, and then switch to a new casino with a new bonus. Enjoy the advantage while it is there.

Global Access and No Loyalty

Digital casinos aim for a global audience and, even though there are different languages, no casino discriminates to whom they will allow gambling in their digital establishment. Additionally, with the invention of cryptocurrency casinos, there is no need to even gamble in fiat currency such as Rands, but rather go 100% digital.

This relationship must go both ways. Generally, for both spinner games, traditional gambling games, and online betting, you will find the same playing options with multiple providers. Sticking to just one will bring you no benefit short of a few minutes needed to switch platforms or providers.

Take All the Bonuses

Bonuses for signing up to an online casino can range from ~$100 (1850 ZAR) to over $2000 (36,800 ZAR) and every casino will offer the same bonus for all new arrivals.

But, being new simply means that you have restarted a new account, not that you haven’t had an account before. If you have closed the account prior, you can get a new bonus every time.

As you can’t draw your bonus cash this isn’t a loss for the casino, but more of a shared risk with the player.

Crypto or Fiat

You can have a choice if you want to play with national currencies (also called fiat money) or cryptocurrency. Both as equally as valid and have quick withdrawals for your winnings.

The advantage of using rands to play is that you can supplement your account from your regular bank and have no middle steps if you don’t already have crypto. But, if you are a crypto holder, you can stay completely anonymous when playing.

Using a hot wallet doesn’t require sharing even a bit of your private information with the provider, as everything is confirmed by the blockchain. You won’t need to ask anyone for permission, nor will anyone have a privy in your gaming habits.

Try Different Games

Because of global lockdowns and various sports competitions being canceled, a lot of people used to sports betting have South Africa offer these fun digital games as well.

Playing spinners is the most relaxing type of gambling out there and there are also multiplayer gambling games such as poker, but this time for real stakes.

If you have already become an online casino jetsetter, you can also switch between different games and try your hand and luck in everything these places have to offer.

Play for Fun

There is a reason why these online casino gambling options are called games; they should be fun. Gambling is exciting and the money you wager is just there to increase your investment directly.

Technically speaking, placing money in your bankroll is no different than buying a video game. You will usually get similar playing times, and unlike video games you might even get to take some of that money back.

But, you should never play beyond your means and spend money you don’t have. Even with the increased chances for digital games, winnings are far from being guaranteed. Only if you play for fun you will always be a winner, even if the cards are not in your favor that day.

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