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New Biffy Clyro album released


Great News! Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro released their 7th studio album entitled “Elipsis” yesterday. It’s their first release since their critically acclaimed album “Opposites” in 2013. I have been very excited ever since the band released the first single off this album, “Wolves of Winter” in March this year.

I’ve listened to the album and I have to admit that it’s good, very good. “Elipsis” definitely has elements that I would describe as experimental, but they did not loose touch with the things that essentially makes them them. There’s plenty of guitar riffs, but there are really good for lack of a better word “ballads” on this album. It’s perfectly balanced and the perfect follow up to “Opposites”.

NME had this to say about the album: “The whole feel of the album is fun, shackle-free, uninhibited, but still masterfully crafted. In fact, by opening themselves up Biffy Clyro have captured the spirit of a brand-new band again.”

Rock Sound had this say: “All told, this is an almighty beast of a record–yet another in the now bulging Biffy Clyro canon. They’re well and truly settled into a creative groove now, making the improbable seem like a reflex, as easy and instinctive as breathing.”

Biffy Clyro will most likely be touring to promote this album. Let’s hope that their tour schedule includes some South African dates in 2017. If you’re a Deezer user, stream the album below:

“Elipsis” is available on iTunes, click here if you want to buy it.

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