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New Crimson House album released


Great news is that Crimson House have released a brand new album called “Come Alive”. SA Blues fan have probably earmarked this as one of the most-anticipated releases of 2016.

Crimson House is grass-roots, soul lifting, foot-stomping, heart-moving audio candy, built on a brotherhood that will outlive the timelessness of music they create. The music will take you back a century and right into the modern age within the same bar-line. Rooted in blues, coated in gypsy undertones, blended with early Jazz fuelled by roaring guitars, blazing Brass, sensational saxophones, shredding Banjos, & soul sweeping Harmonica’s, lead by a gravel paved voice coming out of a hard worked soul.

Founded in 2010, the band has released 3 albums to date and toured extensively in the USA, Europe and Southern Africa. Often referred to as the best live act ever seen by promoters and festival goers. The cast of the Crimson House show is none other than: Riaan Smit (on guitar, vocals & harmonica), Nick Becker (on alto sax), Arno van Zyl (on lead guitar & banjo), Christoph de Chavonnes Vrugt (on drums), Jacques Jansen van Rensburg (on bass) and Gareth Harvey (on baritone sax).

I’ve seen this band live a few times and I have to admit that they’re definitely one of the best live and entertaining acts in the SA Music scene. Their performances are Up The Creek and STRAB 2015 is something that I will definitely remember for the rest of my days.

To give you an idea of their sound, check out their music video for their song “Hoodoo Mask” below:

Nice ne? I told you that these okes were good. You can buy the album on iTunes at this link.

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