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New Dan Patlansky Music Video Released


Great news music lovers! SA Blues Guitar Maestro Dan Patlansky has released a brand new music video for his song “Dog Day”.

“Dog Day” will be on his upcoming album (Perfection Kills). The album will be released on the 2nd of February 2018 and you can register to pre-order it at this link. Perfection Kills will be Patlansky’s 9th studio album release since 2000.

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Photo by Neil Whitcher

Dan Patlansky produced Perfection Kills himself

This is what he had to say on Blues Rock Review: I learnt so much working with Theo Crous who was the producer on previous two albums Dear Silence Thieves and  Introvertigo. I worked on pre-production and song writing with Theo on a couple of the tracks for Perfection Kills and applied what I learnt to the recording and production process of the album. Perfection Kills is all about my vision of making a record that still make the song writing a priority as in the past, the final product delivers a far more real and organic result.

The Music for “Dog Day” is great. Here’s why…

The song itself is pretty much about a bad day in a first world (which aren’t really problems in the greater scheme of things). Dizzy Khaki was approached by Dan’s manager for two possible songs for a music video. Unfortunately, a third song was chosen on the day of the script deadline. So Jonathan from Dizzy Khaki rewrote it over a weekend and the script was confirmed on the Monday. Tobias Johan Coetsee helped out with location scouting and the team managed to get access to the old Capital Theatre in Pretoria. They also managed to source their friend Gustaf Swart as the lead protagonist for the music video.

Tuesday involved hustling to get the crew together before the shoot on Wednesday. They started around 8 AM and we’re done by 12 noon with the band performance pieces. The next day was spent in the city with their protagonist running around and filming his entire narrative. The final scene was actually shot at Cafe Roux in Church Square. They had 3 days to get the video done in post. The whole project from start to finish took 2 weeks and there is still another video coming soon…

The music video was shot, edited and directed by Jonathan Erin Purchase and produced by Tobias Johan Coetsee. Mikyla Jonck was on 2nd cam, Neil Human was the first assistant director and Tristan Dos Santos & Clark Fivaz were the set hands.

I love this music video because it was shot in my hometown (Pretoria) and because it’s a great example of the high quality that has become the standard for Dizzy Khaki’s videos. If you haven’t checked out the other videos they’ve done, make sure that you do.

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