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New trailer released for Game of Thrones Season 6


Game Of Thrones Season 6 premieres on HBO less than 15 days from now and excitement levels are definitely reaching extreme levels amongst fans of this multi Emmy Award winning show.

To increase your excitement levels, here’s a few things you might not have known:

  • It seems that author George RR Martin based Valyrian steel on a real life alloy known as Damascus steel. It was developed in India and the Middle East and was known for its super-strong, super-sharp qualities and for its distinctive rippled surface. Unfortunately the specific temperature and techniques needed to make it were lost at some point in the 18th century. Various attempts have since been made to replicate it, but the exact formula remains an enduring mystery.
  • British-American actor Richard Brake (who plays the Night’s King) can be seen murdering Bruce Wayne’s parents in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, in which Joffrey actor Jack Gleeson also appeared. He also appeared as a cowboy in the video to Muse’s song Knights of Cydonia.
  • According to the file sharing website TorrentFreak, more people are illegally downloading Game of Thrones than any other show in the world. In 2012, public BitTorrent trackers showed that one episode was illegally downloaded about 4,2 million times.
  • The Dothraki language is an entirely fictional language created for the show. It’s comprised of more than 3,000 words and was created by a linguist named David Peterson.
  • George R. R. Martin still has two books to write in the “Song of Fire & Ice” series (on which Game of Thrones is based) and has revealed the ending to the show’s producers in case he does not live long enough to complete it.

Now that you’re feeling more excited, here’s some great news! Today another trailer was released for Game of Thrones Season 6 and it looks even more amazing than the previous one. Check it out below, if you don’t believe me:

I seriously can’t wait for Season 6. I think it’s going to answer a lot of questions that fans currently have. There’s almost no doubt in my mind that this is going to blow us all away.

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