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New Jeremy Loops Single Released


Gallo Record Company is excited to announce the release of Jeremy Loops’ brand-new single Waves. Fans can stream and download the single here at this link.

The music video for Waves was shot in Mozambique and is directed by filmmaker Ben Brown. Jeremy is seen driving through arches of palm trees, surfing crystal clear blue water, and sharing the ocean with whales and dolphins. It’s the ultimate surf adventure and it screams summer paradise.

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Photo by Taahir Matthews

Jeremy explains saying: “I’ve always looked to water for its restorative powers, and there’s something special about a surf and a time out in the water that clears my mind and helps me regain focus. I’ve had a crazy year just making this single and all the other songs on my album, and it’s been a crazy year in general around the world, so we really treated the music video shoot like a work retreat. A reward for the incredible amount of time and effort my team and I have put into preparing for this next chapter for us.”

Ben Brown adds that upon hearing the song, one concept in particular stuck in his mind: “We kept visualising this underwater shot in crystal clear blue water, so the location to shoot in made itself obvious to us quite quickly, yet everything else we managed to capture in addition to that shot was a dream.”

Check out the amazingly shot music video below:

Waves is the lead single from the upcoming 2nd studio album which is due for release 16 March 2018. It’s the first release on Jeremy’s independent label, licensed exclusively to Gallo and sets the tone for the theme around his album.

Jeremy is excited to release brand new music to his fans. “I can’t wait for people to hear this song. I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life, and though tough, it’s come together beautifully. And the best part is I know what’s coming next. This Is Just the tip of the iceberg.”

In late 2016, he began writing his follow up album, collaborating along the way with noted songwriters like Jake Gosling (James Bay, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes). Then in 2017, Loops went into studio with Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, Lily Allen, Bastille) to record and produce his follow up album. Waves, the first single from the currently untitled project, is a woozy summer song with Loops’ signature guitar licks, vocal turns, and ear for melody over world class contemporary production.

Along with recording his brand new album, he has had an incredible 2017. He performed at the first Lollapalooza in Paris on 22 July, sharing the stage with great international acts such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Rey and many more! Get info here: https://www.lollaparis.com/en/lineup/.

This artist has come a long way since the first time I watched him perform at Up The Creek Music Festival in 2012. It’s amazing how much he’s grown musically and Waves is a great example of that. Let’s hope that he’s planning to play tons of shows in South Africa in 2018.

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