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New Made For Broadway music video released


I only discovered the music of Made for Broadway a few months ago but I’m glad that I did. This Johannesburg based Pop Punk act has been making waves in the SA Music industry over the last few years and I’m pissed off with myself because I only saw them live for the first time at Arcade Empire a few months ago.

Great news is that Made For Broadway have released an awesome new music video for their song “”Together (Parallel Universe)”. The video isn’t your traditional love story. When our protagonist realises that the girl he loves could never be his, he devises a cunning plan to travel the multiverse in search of the one parallel universe where they are together.

The plan doesn’t come without complications, however – he’d have to kill off the alternate version of himself and assume his place. The video allows you to follow the hero through the many worlds, devastation, and the perils of the cosmos – all for true love. Check it out below:

The video is directed by Michael Robertson at award-winning South Africa animation studio Toon 53 Productions. The video has been making waves internationally prior to its release, winning Best Music Video at the Chandler International Film Festival, securing more wins in various categories at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival and the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, is currently a semi-finalist at several festivals including Paris Music Video Underground and has been named an official selection at the Oakville Festival of Film and Art, among others.

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