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New Made For Broadway Single Released


Great News! Made For Broadway, well-known for their raucous live shows, are excited to announce the release of their new single “All You Want Is Space.” The song is to be the first off an upcoming, currently untitled full-length album. Finding their focus through the songwriting process, the band has worked tirelessly for several months refining sonics and the resulting music is something they hope fans will really appreciate.

As the title suggests, “All You Want Is Space” is the story of realization dawning on a cohabiting couple that their shared space isn’t space enough – and despite their deep connection and best efforts to repair the damage, still wind up feeling resentment expressed with sarcastic bite.

The song itself is the product of the band’s strong drive to become capable storytellers and pen relatable lyrics littered with hooks, staying true to the “pop” in pop punk. Musically, it was a moment of clarity in which they found and took the next natural step in developing the Made For Broadway sound.

Visually, the concept of the melting ice cream featured in the artwork and video stream was an ideal analogue for the dissolving of a relationship, and the vivid colours a stinging reminder of the promise and excitement first felt. With a string of upcoming show dates, single releases, and details of the new full-length album, the band’s Facebook page and Twitter feed will be kept updated, and fans on those platforms will be the first to know.

Have a listen to “All I Want Is Space” below:

I recently had a chat with the band about this song and a few other things, this is what they had to say:

What is the song “All You Want Is Space” about?

It’s that awkward moment after moving in with somebody when you realise you literally cannot stand them. And you’re not getting your deposit on the apartment back.

What can music fans expect from Made For Broadway in 2017?

Honestly, a lot! We’ve got a single coming out every month and a new album around mid-year, and a ton of new YouTube things – the usual covers we do, and a new music chart show we’ve started with the Rockstar Energy family. We don’t want to give away too much right now though, but you’ll definitely be hearing from us more than ever.

What’s completely wrong with the SA Music scene at the moment?

How much time have we got? Haha, but really – it’s difficult to be critical of the place you call home, but bands just need more support. Maybe bands need to step up and push harder to be amazing and promote the scene, but we could also just be in a downswing at the moment because EDM is massive and it’ll bounce back. All we know is that us bands, blogs – the industry as a whole – just need to keep putting out the best stuff we can.

What’s right with the SA Music scene at the moment?

The support we have from venues is phenomenal – they keep investing and believing in us, and that’s a major win. People like Fred (Rumours) and Gareth/Nicol (Good Luck Bar) are just some of the amazing dudes who give us a spot to play our tunes, and they have our eternal gratitude for giving us places to connect with our fans.

Who would win a fight between R2D2 and BB8 and why?

R2D2! He’s the OG and you can’t mess with that.

I’d like to thank Made For Broadway for this interview and I wish them all of the best with their future musical endeavors.

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