Night Sky at Mieliepop Festival


A few weeks ago I made my way to Mieliepop Festival in Mpumalanga. It was the third time that I made my way to the one of the most awesome festival venues that South Africa has to offer. Tolderia resort is located next to a river / dam and is surrounded by some really beautiful Highveld landscapes.

Besides the fact the festival offered some of the best that SA Music has to offer the camping facilities and ablution facilities were superb and it wasn’t overcrowded at all – just over 2,000 people made their way to the festival this year. If you really wanted to, you could walk around barefoot for most of the weekend – there are no thorns and no dust. Our camping spot at Mieliepop Festival was set up right next to the river in a quiet corner of the venue. It was so quiet, so I was able to get in some well-deserved shut-eye when I needed to.

One of our neighbours at the festival, Chris Acheson, captured the Mieliepop in one photo. This photo depicting the night sky at the festival is absolutely stunning and has been selected as today’s Daily Cool Photo. It was taken only a few hundred metres away from our campsite. Just seeing this photo will make you wish that you attend this jewel of a festival’s next edition in November 2014.

Sky-at-Mieliepop-Festival Night Sky at Mieliepop Festival

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